Combating Drugs Partnership

The Combating Drugs Partnership (CDP) is a multi-agency forum formed to implement the national From Harm to Hope strategy.

The CDP handles partnership work within Tower Hamlets to reduce drug-related harm. It accounts for local delivery and performance to central government.

The CDP brings partners together to combat illegal drugs and the harm they cause in the community.

The CDP provides a single setting for understanding and addressing shared challenges related to drug-related harm, based on the local context and need.

The CDP will be accountable for delivering a set of six national outcomes:

  1. Reduce drug use
  2. Reduce drug-related crime
  3. Reduce drug-related deaths and harm
  4. Reduce drug supply
  5. Increasing engagement in drug treatment
  6. Improving drug recovery outcomes


The Combating Drugs Partnerships core members are:

  • Cabinet Member for Safer Communities
  • Local authority
  • Tower Hamlets Police
  • Probation Service
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Substance Misuse Treatment Providers
  • Person affected by drug-related harm
  • The secure estate, such as prisons, young offender institutions (YOIs)

The partnership also engages and works with other key stakeholders. 

Combatting Drugs Partnership Duties and Functions

The CDP will focus on delivering three strategic priorities.

  1. Break drug supply chains
  2. Deliver a world-class treatment and recovery system
  3. Achieve a shift in the demand for drugs

The CDP is also required to:

  • Develop Joint Local Needs Assessment (Refresh every three years)
  • Develop local drugs strategy delivery plan (Refresh every three years)
  • Develop a local performance framework