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How does the commission work?

The Commission will be chaired by Cllr Amina Ali, Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts and Brexit. She will be joined by Cllr Mohammed Pappu, the Scrutiny Lead for Governance, alongside six independent commissioners.

Creating a picture of the impact of Brexit in Tower Hamlets

The commissioners that make up the panel will be appointed from senior positions in fields including business, the voluntary sector, health and education. The experienced panel will seek contributions from across the borough, including from members of the public.

Formal evidence on the impact of Brexit on the local area will be heard from subject matter experts at a series of hearings set to take place in September and October.

The evidence-gathering process will inform the commission’s deliberations, leading to a formal report due for publication in January 2019. It will offer a detailed assessment of the local picture related to Brexit, providing the most comprehensive understanding yet of the likely impact.

Using the findings

We will use the report to inform our lobbying and outreach effort aimed at supporting the work of the Greater London Authority, the Local Government Association, London Councils and the borough’s MPs, to ensure the best Brexit outcome for our residents.

When complete, the report will represent one of the most significant pieces of research into the likely impact of Brexit at a local level in East London. As Parliament continues to scrutinise the Government’s plans for leaving the EU, the council will stand ready to contribute to that work by sharing the lessons learnt during the evidence gathering and report writing process.

With a number of possible exit scenarios still a possibility, the commission will also be expected to shape the development of high level contingency plans to manage key risks to the borough’s economy, civil society and public services.