Our funding and where the money goes

Where the money comes from image

Where the money comes from

A breakdown of our £342.6m funding:

  • Council tax - £100.4m
  • Reserves - £9.0m
  • Government funding - £56.4m
  • Retained business rates - £176.8m

This relates to the council's net budget. Our actual expenditure is higher because it also includes the Housing Revenue Account, Dedicated Schools Grant and income generation.

Where the money goes

Where the money goes

This is a breakdown of the major areas of our revenue budget:

  • Services for elderly and vulnerable adults - £105.7m
  • Children’s services and education - £27.6m
  • Protecting and supporting vulnerable children - £54.5m
  • Housing services - £7.0m
  • Public health - £34.7m
  • Cultural, libraries and parks - £13.4m
  • Community safety - £12.3m
  • Highways and transport services - £5.3m
  • Street cleaning, waste and public realm - £28.7m
  • Economic growth and job creation - £3.8m
  • Planning and development services - £11.0m
  • Tackling poverty fund - £6.6m