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Our funding and where the money goes

This year the council is spending £343.7m on public services. This money comes from a number of areas. 

where it comes from

A breakdown of the £343.73m funding:

  • Council tax - £93.777m
  • Reserves - £18.691m
  • Collection fund suplus - £1.500m
  • Government funding - £52.029m
  • Retained business rates - £177.733m.

Where the money goes

Almost half is spent to help vulnerable people, often with complex and costly needs, to lead healthy and independent lives. That includes looking after children in care, people with disabilities, mental health conditions, homeless people and vulnerable older residents. These pressures continue to grow.

We also provide services that benefit everyone. They include:

  • seven leisure centres
  • eight Idea Stores and libraries
  • 12 children’s centres
  • youth and community centres
  • maintaining our roads, pavements and street lights
  • waste collection
  • street cleaning
  • managing 120 parks and open spaces.

We also support people into work, provide and maintain our council homes and support our residents to stay fit and healthy.

Here's a breakdown of the major areas of our revenue budget

 how we spend it

  •  Services to elderly and vulnerable adults - £99.1m
  • Children's services and education - £37.0m 
  • Protecting and supporting vulnerable children - £52.3m
  • Housing services - £12.9m
  • Public health - £35.0m
  • Cultural, libraries and parks - £12.7m
  • Community safety - £12.9m
  • Highways and transport services - £5.8m
  • Street cleaning, waste and public realm - £26.1m
  • Economic growth and job creation - £2.9m
  • Planning and development services - £8.2m
  • Tackling poverty schemes - £30.0m.