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Elections and Referendum on Thursday 6 May 2021

Official Notices for the GLA elections  

Official Notices for the Governance Referendum and NPR Referendum

About the elections

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections take place every four years. The last elections took place in May 2016.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the planned elections were postponed in 2020 and will now take place on Thursday 6 May 2021.

Currently, plans are underway to ensure that they can proceed effectively, including that polling stations will be safe places to vote.  

Voters can expect many of the safety measures we have become used to over recent months, such as the use of hand sanitiser, floor markings and face coverings.

Additional Referendums on the same day

In Tower Hamlets there will also be two referendums taking place on the same day as the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections.

All registered voters in the borough will be able to take part in a referendum on the Executive Governance Model.

This referendum will ask whether the council’s Executive should be changed from a Mayor and Cabinet Executive to a Leader and Cabinet Executive.

A smaller number of registered voters living in the Isle of Dogs will also be able to take part in a Local Neighbourhood Planning Referendum.

Make sure you’re registered to vote

An extensive annual canvass process took place at the end of last year and households were encouraged to ensure that they were registered to vote.

If you are unsure that you’re registered, then you should register so you can vote in these elections and referendum. It only takes five minutes to register. 

Register to vote today

The Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections

There are three specific contests that make up this election, with three different ballot papers for voters.

These are for:

  • the Mayor of London
  • the 14 Members of the London Assembly that represent London’s 14 Constituencies (Tower Hamlets is in the City and East constituency)
  • the 11 Assembly Members that represent the whole of London (London-wide Members).

You can find out more information about these elections on the London Elects.