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Timetable for Roman Road Bow Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Ignore the following days when calculating the timetable are 

  • Saturday or Sunday
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or a day which is a bank holiday under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 in England; and
  • any day appointed as a day of public thanksgiving or mourning.
  • Bank Holiday – Monday 29 August 2022
Timetable for referendum
EventWorking days before poll (deadline if not midnight) Date (deadline if not midnight)

Decision date by the council to hold a referendum


Monday 1 August 2022

 Poll to take place  Within 56 working days from the day after the decision is made  No later than 19 October 2022

Publish on the website and make available an information statement and specified documents 

 No later than -28

 5 September 2022

The ‘relevant register’ used to calculate the referendum expenses limit will be the register of local government electors as it exists at the time when the referendum period begins (28 working days before a residential poll). 

 No later than -28

 5 September 2022

Publication of Notice of Referendum (Residential) 

No later than -25

8 September 2022

Publication of first interim election notice of alteration 

No later than -24

9 September 2022

Deadline for receiving applications for registration (Residential) 

No later than -12 

27 September 2022

Deadline for new postal vote applications and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes 

No later than -11 (5pm) 

28 September 2022

Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies) 

No later than -6 (5pm)

 5 October 2022

Publication of second interim election notice of alteration 

Between -23 and -6

12 September 2022 - 5 October 2022 

Publication of Notice of Poll (Residential) 

No later than -6 

5 October 2022 

Publication of location of polling station and description of named voters entitled to vote there. 

No later than -6 

5 October 2022 

Publication of final election notice of alteration 

No later than -5  6 October 2022  

Deadline for notification of appointment of polling and counting agents 

No later than -5 

6 October 2022 

First date that electors can apply for replacements for lost postal votes

No later than -4 7 October 2022 

Polling day


Thursday 13 October 2022

Last time that electors can apply for a replacement for spoilt or lost postal votes

0 (5pm)

13 October 2022

Applications to vote by emergency proxy at this poll, applied for on grounds of physical incapacity, work reasons or for reasons related to COVID-19

0 (5pm)

13 October 2022

Last day to make alterations to the Register to correct a clerical error or to implement a court (registration appeal) decision

0 (9pm)

13 October 2022


Please note

There is no requirement for campaign groups to register with the Counting Officer or to submit a return of expenses incurred which is why there are no dates.

However, campaign groups must adhere to the spending limits as set out in the regulation.