How the work is progressing

Malmesbury, August                    Malmesbury, August

August 2010
The contractor has established the site compound and welfare facilities on site and started works on both the internal alterations and new extension of the main building and the refurbishment of the existing nursery. The nursery project had a tight program of only six weeks. The nursery area was finished and the other alterations in the early years building were completed in this period.

Malmesbury, September                    Malmesbury, September

September 2010
The main extension and alteration works were progressing and the groundworks for the new extension were being undertaken. The internal lift area was being cut out on all levels in preparation for constructing the lift shaft. The underground drainage was also being coordinated with the new foundation installation.

Malmesbury, October                    Malmesbury, October

October 2010
The main ground slab was poured once all of the underground drainage was installed. After the slab was poured and cured sufficiently, the main external wall started to be constructed. The internal blockwork walls were also raised in parallel with the external skin of brickwork. The ground floor window openings were also starting to be formed. The school half-term fell within this period. During the half-term, the windows within the headteacher’s office were replaced with glass blocks to provide borrowed light from the new extension.

Malmesbury, November                   Malmesbury, November

November 2010
The extension works are progressing well. The brick and block walling is to first floor level and the steels are being installed in preparation for the concrete plank flooring to be installed. Once all the steels have been installed the concrete plank flooring is installed using a crane. This was co-ordinated with the local residents to try and minimize the impact of this activity. Once the flooring was installed, the second lift of external walling started to be constructed.

Malmesbury, December                    Malmesbury, December

December 2010
The progress during this period was slow on the new extension works due to the adverse weather. The external trades were delayed and this slowed progress throughout the whole extension. As the building was not weather tight the ground floor area sustained water ponding in areas. A pump was hired to try and remove the water from this area.