Capital for Change programmes

Mayflower primary school Smithy Street Primary School Malmesbury Primary School Globe Primary School Stebon Primary School Elizabeth Selby Primary Canon Barnett Primary School Bygrove Primary School


Bygrove Primary School

In 2007, the government launched the Primary Capital programme, making a commitment to long term capital investment in primary schools.

The aim of the programme is to support local authorities in developing primary schools that are at the heart of the community, creating easy access to a range of services for all children and families.

The programme will support national policy aims of raising standards; tackling deprivation and inequalities, and developing personalised services.

The Primary Strategy for Change provides us with an exciting opportunity to accelerate achievements in our primary schools, ensuring world class early education equips our children with skills appropriate for successful futures in our international environment.

Our strategy has been developed in consultation with schools and a range of partners and stakeholders including children, parents, local communities and elected members of the Council. The Primary Strategy for Change is based on five key principles:

  • Excellent progress and achievement for every child
  • Strong communities and partnerships
  • Accessible services for children, families and the community
  • Improving health, wellbeing and safety
  • Developing ICT for personalised learning.

This work forms part of the government's Primary Capital programme to improve primary schools by refurbishment and new extensions to provide a transformation and improvements under the Primary Strategy for Change. In the borough, the Building and Technical Services team is currently working on the following primary schools under this scheme:-

Of the eight projects within this programme, six schemes are currently under construction and two will be going on site next year. Some areas have already been completed and are now in occupation, with very positive feedback from pupils and staff.

The architects and designers at LBTH Building and Technical Services have exceeded expectations by achieving an 'Excellent' rating for the design assessments of Mayflower, Smithy Street, Malmesbury and Bygrove primary schools under the Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) for schools.

Designs of this quality will have a positive, long lasting impact on these schools as their buildings will have a higher environmental performance.