Smithy Street Primary School

          Smithy Street Primary School                     Smithy Street Primary School

The new works at Smithy Street Primary school include a two storey extension, internal alterations and refurbishment, a rooftop extension and maintenance works.

The new two storey extension is comprised of:

  • a new nursery
  • an extended schools use room
  • a glazed entrance atrium linked to the main building with a lift for accessibility

The internal alterations will:

  • regroup and renew administration facilities to the front of the school
  • include a lift for accessibility
  • relocate kitchen and dining facilities to the ground floor for improved use and access
  • provide new and enhanced classroom spaces

          smithy4               Smithy Street Primary School

The rooftop extension includes:

  • enlargement of existing classrooms with bi folding doors in a new vibrant glazed façade
  • direct access onto rooftop playground

Smithy Street Primary School is located within the very eastern edge of the Stepney Green conservation area and was built in 1897–1899 when the doors opened for the first lessons. The Building and Technical Services team have developed a design which will maintain the original character of the building while transforming and enhancing the school.

The design process involved consultation with key stakeholders and pupils of the school to ensure the school's needs were addressed while achieving the objectives of the Primary Capital programme. The overall scope of works has been developed in phases to ensure the works can be safely completed while the school is in occupation.

The proposed two storey extension wraps around the existing building. A lightweight glass box is used for the new modern entrance which leads to the solid corner of the new addition. The design approach uses glazed transparent materials in an effort to retain the existing building and to allow the original character of the building to be clearly visible.

The new nursery will accommodate a 45 pupil intake and will have direct access to the nursery playground area with covered play areas. The first floor balcony protrudes past the ground floor, creating covered play adjacent to the building. Large bi-folding doors, level access and soft-fall coverings have been incorporated to enable direct outdoor access.

The extension will provide valuable community facilities. There will be a dedicated community space for parent groups and general community groups to use. This forms a key element of the borough’s Primary Strategy for Change Programme.

The extended schools use room will allow the curriculum to be expanded. The facility will also invite the wider community to use the school as a meeting or presentation area. The development aims to integrate the school with the local community.

The extended schools use room will also have a kitchenette area which can be used by both the community and by pupils, who can learn about cooking and healthy eating. The new facility will have direct access to a balcony which adds to the flexible use of the space for gatherings. The new extension will also provide playground toilets accessible from the external play area for Year 1-6 pupils.

A BREEAM consultation process was undertaken, with the objective of achieving a rating of 'Very Good’ and achieved a rating of 'Excellent'. The process included work shops with staff, pupils, parents' groups and an open day presentation to the community. The design incorporates a green roof with a camera as an interactive learning tool for the school.

The new two storey extension and internal alterations will start on site in April 2010 and are due for completion in October 2010. The rooftop extension works are near completion.