How the project is progressing

Smithy, August                    Smithy, August

August 2010
The project progressed well during the summer holiday break as the contractor had access to all areas of the existing building. The internal reception area is progressing well and the intended final colours of this space can be seen. The office areas are also taking shape with the installation of the fixed benching, vinyl floor and decorations. The new extension works are also progressing well and the full structure is now complete and awaiting glazing to be installed.

Smithy, September             Smithy, September             Smithy, September

September 2010
The internal works have progressed well over the summer holiday break and essentially all areas were ready for the start of term. Some items of finishing works were still required but the school was able to occupy the spaces and utilise the new areas. The new extension works is again progressing well and the external glazing is being installed. The main staircase is installed with the main partition walling being installed.

Smithy, October            Smithy, October            Smithy, October

October 2010
The new extension works are nearing completion and the internal finishing works are being undertaken. All the exterior glazing has been installed and the main internal walls are all completed with painting works underway. The rear balcony area is being constructed and the balustrade starting to be installed. The exterior works are being undertaken and the levels are being raised as per the landscaping required.

Smithy, November            Smithy, November            Smithy, November

November 2010
The new extension works were completed during November. The overall project has given the school a new entrance area and additional offices within the internal phases completed in September. The new extension works gave the school a secure lobby area and atrium with two additional spaces; one being a new nursery area and the other an extended schools use room that could be utilised in a variety of ways as well as being used by the wider community.