Technical specification for Mayflower

The key innovative and low impact design features of the building

Basic building cost - £1,050/m

Services costs - £300/m2

 External works - £160/m2

·       Gross floor area – 271.2m2

·       Total area of site – 0.27 hectares 

·       Function areas and their size – Hall 120m2

·       Break out space – 41m2

·       Areas of circulation – 41m2

·       Areas of storage – 11m2

·       Percentage area of grounds to be used by the community - 0 per cent

·       Percentage area of building to be used by the community - 1.6 per cent

·       Steps taken during construction process to reduce environmental impacts (innovative construction management techniques) –

        Contractor required to monitor and set targets for CO2 emissions, water consumption and air & water pollution in relation to site activities.

        80 per cent of timber to  be   responsibly sourced. Requirement to recycle/divert from landfill at least 75 per cent of non-hazardous waste in addition to re-using site

        fixtures and materials where possible.

·       A list of any social or economically sustainable measures achieved - Considerate Constructors, Biomass Boiler is providing the heating, volunteers from a

        local nature group have offered to plant up the garden terrace, new windows are being installed and walls and floors have been specified to exceed the

        requirements of the new Part L 2010 building regulations.

·        Predicted electricity consumption -  12.42 kWh/m2/year

·        Predicted gas consumption – 45.96 kWh/m2/year

·        Predicted renewable energy generation - 3,464kWh/year