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Packed lunch guidance


A healthy packed lunch should consist of foods from each area of the Eatwell guide, it can help children to:

  • Have enough energy to concentrate and learn better.
  • Improve behaviour and keep healthy and strong.

The holiday childcare team do not reheat food and packed lunches should be made ready to eat at lunchtime, on the day your child attends.

Keep your packed lunch cool:

  • Choose foods that store well until they are ready to be eaten.
  • Consider ways to keep your lunch bag cool e.g. ice pack, cool bag, etc.

Avoid foods high in sugar and fat. e.g. sweets, chocolate, iced cakes etc.

No single food contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to be healthy and function efficiently so it is important that the content of the packed lunch is varied.

Children will be encouraged to eat their lunch and will not be forced to eat any food. Please provide appropriate portions. If you have any questions please speak to a member of staff.

Find more information and inspiration on the change4life website

What to include in a packed lunch

Choose a main food

Choose a starchy based food in each packed lunch e.g. sandwich, wraps, bagels, pitta, rice, pasta, potatoes or couscous.

Choose a protein e.g. cheese, tuna, ham, hummus and/ or salad.

Add some fruit or salad

Choose a piece of fruit or salad in each packed lunch

Add a little something else

Choose an item that is low in sugar e.g. Rice cakes, popcorn, plain yoghurt with fruit.

Add a drink

Choose a drink from water, pure unsweetened fruit juice or milk (consider how to keep it cool).

Some lunchbox ideas

  • Tuna and bean salad
  • Creamy hummus dip with pitta bread and vegetable sticks
  • Spicy chicken and salad wrap
  • Soft cheese and salad sandwich