Performance licences for children

Children who take part in television, filming, theatre, modelling and paid sporting activities must by law have been issued with a licence.

All applications for licences for children who live in Tower Hamlets to perform must be made to the council’s Child Employment Team:

Child Employment Team

Tower Hamlets Town Hall
160 Whitechapel Road
E1 1BJ

Tel: 020 7364 3435 - Sonia Rawlings
Tel: 020 7364 6150 - Serena John Baptiste

When dealing with a licence application, the Child Employment Team will make all the necessary checks to ensure that it complies with current regulations and legislation.

If necessary, the school will authorise a child’s absence from school to take part in a paid performance or activity.

The child must be under the care and supervision of a responsible adult at all times. This can be their parent or a registered chaperone/matron.

Licence applications must be made by the person who is responsible for the production of the performance, in which the child is to take part.

This would normally be the theatre, production company or an authorised agency working on their behalf.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is unable to process performance licences received less than 10 days before the performance.

To apply for a licence for a child to be able to perform, please download the performance licence application form.


It is a legal requirement that children who have been issued with a public performance or entertainment licence, must be supervised at all times by a licensed chaperone or matron, unless they are under the direct supervision of their parent or a tutor approved by the council.