Healthy weight: physical activity and healthy eating in adults

Being overweight or obese can lead to many health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even some cancers. The council wants to support you to achieve a healthy weight, which could help reduce your risk of a serious illness.

You can find more information on losing weight on the NHS website

Are there any local weight management services?

Our Way to Wellness weight management service (tier 3 service) is delivered by Oviva Ltd and is free for eligible residents.


This service is for residents who have body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more and have a long term condition such as diabetes. People are also eligible if they have BMI of 40 without a long term condition. People who are South Asian can access the service with a lower BMI of 33.  You can find out your BMI using this BMI calculator.                                                                                                              

Programme description

Way to Wellness is a 12 month programme that consists of an initial intensive 3 month behaviour change phase, followed by a further 9 months of support to help people to keep the weight off for good. Residents can either choose to attend face-to-face group sessions or remote coaching using an app on their phone. Both options offer support from a range of healthcare professionals including dieticians, psychologists and exercise therapists.                                                                                                     


Residents can either refer themselves via the Oviva website or discuss a referral with their GP.

If your BMI is between 30-35 or 27.5 for South Asians: We are in the process of making arrangements for a tier 2 weight management service for people who are overweight. More information will be posted here once the service is running.

Are there any other ways for me to get more active?

Sports and physical activity

The council offers a range of activities that people can get involved in, including  specific activities for people over 50 and women only.

Adults over 50

The Young@Heart programme offers a range of activities at leisure centres across the borough. Visit Young @ Heart


These sessions give women and girls the choice of 12 single-sex swimming sessions which take place every week.

Free swimming for all

Residents can swim at no charge on Free Swim Friday from 9am until the pool closes (during public swimming times).

To find out more and view a full list of activities, visit our sport page or email

Healthy Families Programme

This programme supports families and vulnerable groups to make it easier for them to lead a healthy life. The programme helps people to make healthier food choices, enjoy a more active lifestyle, develop self-confidence and maintain emotional and mental wellbeing.   


Parents, carers and families with children aged from 0 to 11 years and children with special needs or disabilities (all ages).

Please contact Denise De-Goze to find out more on 0207 364 0971 or email

Community navigators

Community Navigators are on-site at Idea Stores Chrisp Street, Watney Market and Whitechapel to provide support and information on health and wellbeing as well as finances, employment, education, housing and social activities. They can help you to identify your needs, set goals and find the right service to make the changes you want using our online tool, the Wellbeing Wheel.

Outdoor gyms

There are urban outdoor gyms in parks across Tower Hamlets that people can use to get active and improve their fitness. The free and easily accessed gyms can incude parallel bars, cross trainers, smart energy hand bikes, benches and sprint tracks.

The gyms are based at the following locations:

  • Millwall Park, Manchester Road, E14
  • Ropewalk Gardens, E1
  • Shandy Park, Harford Street, E1
  • Sir John McDougall Gardens, Westferry Road, E14
  • Rounton Road Park, Rounton Road, E3
  • Jolly's Green, Joshua Street, E14
  • Pollard Square, Pollard Row E2