Prevent homelessness: Get money advice

The housing advice service has a money adviser who provides free, confidential and independent advice to the following groups:

  • tenants in privately-rented accommodation in Tower Hamlets
  • tenants in housing association accommodation in Tower Hamlets
  • owner occupiers who live in Tower Hamlets

If you have rent or mortgage arrears, please contact us and we will help you to resolve those issues, together with council tax arrears and problems paying your utility bills.

We will look at your income, together with your expenditure and all of your debts, then help you prioritise what you need to pay first. We can negotiate with people you owe money to and help you reach an agreement to repay the debt.

If you are unable to reach an agreement, we may be able to help you defend any legal action. We can also help you maximise your income by checking you receive everything you are entitled to and if not, by helping you to make a claim.

Download Money advice. Take the 60 seconds Debt test. 

Five golden rules

If you have money problems, always remember the five golden rules:

  1. Do not borrow money to pay off debts: consolidation loans can increase the interest you have to pay and could make your situation worse in the end.
  2. Do not ignore the problem: the longer you leave the problem the worse it will get. Contact your creditors and explain your difficulties as quickly as possible.
  3. Prioritise your debts: your essential bills are your mortgage or rent, loans secured on your property, and utilities. Pay these before making any offers to pay unsecured loans, credit cards or store cards.
  4. Maximise income and reduce expenditure: get a benefit check. Call Claim the Max on 020 7364 5000 to make an appointment. Check your household outgoings, i.e. utilities and insurance – could you get them cheaper?
  5. Get advice: speak to an independent free advice service, like us. Be wary of companies that charge you for sorting out your debts.

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