What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are an attractive, cost-effective way to develop highly skilled and productive employees. These working programs are designed for the apprentice to learn on the job and develop specific skills and gain knowledge in their chosen sector. 

Apprenticeships are available to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors in England. Employment is a fundamental part of an apprenticeship, as well as studying a suitable vocational qualification that allows the apprentice to get both the skills from experience and technical knowledge from the sector.

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EmployerBenefits of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships have a very positive impact on the workforce and boost the businesses’ potential by bringing new talent, re-skilling existing staff and tackle skills shortages.

Apprenticeships enable employers to:

  • tackle strategic skills shortages 
  • develop a skilled and accredited workforce
  • re/up-skill existing staff
  • attract new talent
  • optimise training costs
  • increase productivity
  • improve customer service
  • generate increased sales

Employers report that apprenticeships deliver (all the information has been provided by the National Apprenticeship Service)

  • 88 per cent more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 83 per cent provides skilled workers needed for the future
  • 80 per cent reduces staff turnover
  • 77 per cent makes them more competitive
  • 76 per cent provides higher overall productivity
  • 66 per cent fill vacancies more quickly
  • 59 per cent more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff
  • 53 per cent reduces recruitment costs.

Role of the employer

As an employer you are responsible for providing a quality employment opportunity for the apprentice. You will identify roles within your organisation that are suitable for apprenticeships and will work with a training provider or college to deliver the training (some larger employers may deliver the training themselves).

You must commit to employing the apprentice for the length of their apprenticeship (minimum of one year per level).

What can we offer?

Through WorkPath, the council’s pioneering employment and skills centre, we can offer a full apprenticeship recruitment service.

For further information and a service overview, visit the employment and skills service web pages  or call  020 7364 3737.

Support information

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) focuses on increasing the number of apprentices in England. They work with employers to help them introduce apprentices into their businesses. Assisting those looking to start their careers finding an apprenticeship opportunity and contributing towards the costs of training and qualifications.

Visit the dedicated employers page from the NAS website for more information or contact them on  08000 150 600.

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