Opportunity for ice cream and mobile café concessions in parks

Tower Hamlets has many beautiful parks and open spaces used by both residents and visitors to the borough.

We have a great opportunity for local businesses to trade in our parks for the summer season in 2024.

We are seeking to license:

- ice cream vans and

- mobile café operators at fixed pitches. 

We have opportunities in parks across the borough for vendors who have Public Liability Insurance and Food Hygiene Certificate.

If you are interested in applying, please email parks@towerhamlets.gov.uk

The Green Bridge

Green Bridge Mile EndOne of the first problems with the park, identified by the public, was its fragmentation.

Several roads and railway viaducts dissected the park into a series of small areas. Because of this many people did not see the space as one park but instead a series of separate, smaller spaces.

So, an important task for the Park's design team was to look at ways of making Mile End Park feel like a complete space. One way they did this was to design a main path running its entire length, in places linking with the canal towpath. But when it came to crossing the Mile End Road a more ambitious alternative was sought.

At a community planning weekend for the park in 1995, local resident and architect, Piers Gough, was excited by the innovative idea for a “green bridge” over Mile End Road.

His excitement became reality.  Today the bridge has trees and grass growing on top. It has created a crossing for cyclists and pedestrians over a busy road and a link to both sides of Mile End Park.

Underneath the bridge there are shops and restaurants, giving opportunities for visitors to shop for their own picnic or have something to eat and drink.

In 2012 the bridge was restored.  Improvements included the addition of brighter lighting, more natural play areas, better seating, more planting, and a new footpath.

Shops and restaurants

Co-op Supermarket
383 – 387 Mile End Road
London E3 4QS
Tel: 020 8980 0455

389 Mile End Road
E3 4QS
Tel: 020 3510 0444

Meade Estate Agent
391 Mile End Road
London E3 4QS
Website: www.wjmeade.co.uk/branch/bow
Tel: 020 8981 3331

552 Mile End Road
E3 4PL
Tel: 020 8981 9867

556  Mile End Road
E3 4PL
Tel: 020 8981 9867

Roosters Piri Piri
558  Mile End Road
E3 4PL
Tel: 020 8980 1625