Tower Hamlets Quality Review Panel (previously CADAP)

Creating successful places requires discussions between everyone involved in the development process. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires planning authorities to have a design review process in place. This is to ensure high standards of design.

The purpose of the Tower Hamlets Quality Review Panel (formerly CADAP) is to provide independent, expert design advice. It also guides planning officers, applicants and members of the Planning Committees.

The Design Review Model

From November 2022, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH) will move to a costed design review model. It will

  • provide what is needed to improve processes and performance
  • capture any extra panel revenue
  • be in line with what most London Boroughs are doing.

The following changes will apply:

  • The panel will be renamed Tower Hamlets Quality Review Panel
  • Applicants must present all strategic proposals as part of the planning process.
    • This will tie into Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs) including fees which should be paid in advance.
  • There will be four types of review:
    • 1 Full Review - the first opportunity for the applicant and their design team to present their proposals to the panel. Cost £5000

    • 2 Follow-up Review - Large or complex proposals will usually need at least one follow-up review. Cost £3500

    • 3 Chair’s Workshop – this would take place when officers feel the Panel’s comments have been answered. The Chair of the panel has the chance to confirm that the scheme has QRP support. More detailed comments can be added if required. Cost £2000.

    • 4 Surgery Review – For smaller or controversial schemes. Also where planning officers ask for the panel’s advice. The planning officer can present this to the panel. No fee at present

Note: The charges set for the Quality Review Panel meetings are in line with similar panels providing the same service in London.

  • The panel will meet on the second Monday of each month. Meetings will take place during the day as either whole day or half day sessions.

  • Meetings will take place in person either at Tower Hamlets Town Hall (Whitechapel) or another agreed location. (architects office etc)

  • The Community Development Panel must see developments on the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar before the QRP.