Registered parks, gardens & London squares in Tower Hamlets

Registered parks and gardens are designated landscapes that are considered to be of national importance.  They are rated as grade I, II* or II. The effect of any proposed development on the significance of a registered park or garden or its setting is a material consideration in the determination of a planning application.

There are five registered parks and gardens in Tower Hamlets:

  • Victoria Park (Grade II*).
  • Boundary Gardens (Grade II).
  • Island Gardens (Grade II).
  • Museum Gardens (Grade II).
  • The Novo Cemetery (Grade II).

To find out where these are located, you can search our interactive map. See the map user guide for guidance on how to use the interactive map.

London squares are protected areas that may not be used for any purpose other than as an ornamental garden, pleasure ground, or ground for play, rest or recreation.  No building or structure should be created or placed on or over any London square, unless necessary or convenient for the use or maintenance of the square. There are 16 designated London squares in Tower Hamlets, details of these can be found in the conservation strategy.