Consultation and engagement

Planning consultation – have your say

Consultation with local residents, businesses and stakeholders is at the heart of the planning process. Not only can you comment on planning documents such as the new Local Plan, you also have the opportunity to comment on individual planning applications

If you or a group you represent are interested in planning issues in Tower Hamlets and would like to be informed of planning policy changes that affect your area, please email This will enable us to keep you up to date with events and consultations that you can get involved with. You will be able to comment directly on consultation documents as well as take part in online surveys and forums.

Full details of how you can get involved in planning decisions that affect your local area are explained in the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement.

Current consultations

East of the borough Area Action Plan sites for change consultation

The council is carrying out a “Sites for Change” information gathering exercise for the East of the Borough Area Action Plan from 11 July 2019 to 23 August 2019. A consultation of this type is sometimes also known as a Call for Sites.

The Sites for Change consultation is an opportunity to update information on development sites and inform the council’s existing evidence base on matters including housing, Gypsies and Travellers, employment and infrastructure such as schools and open space. It does not allocate land or make any decisions on use allocations. The suitability of the sites for allocation will be considered after the Sites for Change consultation, as part of the preparation of the Area Action Plan.

The council is particularly interested in sites that it has not considered before and welcomes suggestions that meet the Sites for Change criteria. Sites do not need to be within your ownership or control. They should be within the core or wider Area Action Plan areas (as set out on the map available below), excluding the area covered by the London Legacy Development Corporation or the London Borough of Newham.

How to submit sites?

If you know of a site that could be put to good use in the future, you should first consider if it meets the criteria set out in the Sites for Change guidance notes. If it does, we would like you to tell us about it by returning the Sites for Change submission form.

These documents are also available at the council’s Town Hall at Mulberry Place, and at Idea Stores and libraries throughout the borough.

Forms should be returned to the council no later than 5pm on 23 August 2019 by email or post:



East of the Borough Sites for Change

PLACE Strategic Planning
London Borough of Tower Hamlets,
PO BOX 55739
E14 2BG

The Plan Making Team can provide assistance if you have any questions and can be contacted at the above email address or on 020 7364 5009.

Previous consultations

East Shoreditch Neighbourhood Forum Website Update

The council consulted on an application to modify the boundary of the East Shoreditch Neighbourhood Planning Area.

A six week consultation period is took place from 14 March 2019 to 24 April 2019.

Find out more about this application.

Statement of Community Involvement

The council consulted on an updated Statement of Community Involvement (SCI), setting out how the community can get involved in the preparation of local planning policy documents and decisions on planning applications.

The consultation took place between Monday 5 November 2018 and Friday 13 January 2019.

For more information about this document, visit our SCI page.

Poplar Neighbourhood Forum

The council consulted on an application received from Poplar Regen Alliance to be designated as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum for the Poplar Neighbourhood Planning Area. 

A six week consultation period is took place from 9 August 2018 to 20 September 2018.

Find out more about this application.

Tower Hamlets Planning Compliance Policy (Draft)

Effective planning compliance and enforcement is an important part of the development management process.

The National Planning Practice Framework states that council’s should consider preparing an enforcement plan to explain how these discretionary powers will be used.

With the significant and high levels of development activity taking place in Tower Hamlets the council has now produced a draft Planning Compliance Policy.

The draft policy will set out the council’s approach to investigating and dealing with reported breaches of planning control; explain how decisions to take formal enforcement action will be made and sets out the standards of service that will be provided.

The Planning Compliance Policy has been informed by recent casework, comments received by the Compliance Team and an up-to-date evidence base. The policy also promotes collaborative working with other parts of the council who have enforcement or compliance powers and provides a framework taking forward proactive area based or topic based improvement projects.

Consultation on the policy will run for six weeks from Monday 8 January 2018 until 5pm on Monday 19 February 2018

For more information and how to respond, please visit the compliance policy consultation page.

A new Local Plan - Managing growth and sharing the benefits (Regulation 19) consultation 

We are in the process of finalising a new Local Plan which, once adopted, will be the key strategic document to guide and manage development in the borough until 2031.The document we are consulting on is the proposed submission version of the Local Plan. 

The consultation will run for six weeks from 2 October 2017 until 5pm on Monday 13 November 2017.

For more information and how to respond, please see the new Local plan page.

Article 4 Direction – offices to residential  

On 19 September 2017 the council made an Article 4 direction to remove permitted development rights from offices (use class B1(a)) to residential (use class C3). If confirmed, it will take effect from 1 June 2019.

We are consulting on the Article 4 direction between 2 October 2017 until 11.59pm on 12 November 2017.  

For further details on this Article 4 direction and how to respond, including maps showing the boundaries to which it will apply, please see the Article 4 Directions page.  

Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF)

The council consulted on the Local Infrastructure Fund (LIF) to give local people a say in defining the infrastructure priorities for their areas. 

The consultation period ran for six weeks from 27 June 2017 to 8 August 2017. 

For more information go to the LIF consultation page.

Driffield Road and Medway conservation areas

The council consulted on revised character appraisals and management guidelines for the Driffield Road and Medway conservation areas. For more information go to the conservation and urban design pages.

What could we be doing better?

When exploring key planning matters, although we strive to undertake consultation that is inclusive of all communities within Tower Hamlets, we know that we can always improve. If you think we could do better, let us know how by contacting us on the details below.

We have produced a short, animated film to make it easier than ever for residents to understand how they can have their say on local planning issues and get involved in consultation activities.

The film is available in English and Bengali, or with subtitles.

It can also be viewed by visiting our YouTube channel.