Local land charges: Personal search

Important update

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 4 January 2021, government guidance restricts non-essential travel or contact with others.

We understand that personal search companies are also impacted by this and want to ensure minimal disruption to their business. We have now made contingency arrangements.

From 11th March 2021 any company requiring a personal search will need to request a personal search using the online form

We require a site plan with the outline of the area to be searched highlighted in red accompanying each search.

We will provide a copy of the local land charges register and replies to the Con29R only.

How to submit your request

From 11th March only requests received through the personal search request form will be processed.

All applications will be reviewed by the department to ensure that search requests:

  • provide accurate and usable details, including a site plan
  • are within our scope (for land within Tower Hamlets, and requesting available information)
  • do not exceed the limit of seven searches per company, per week.

Bookings which do not meet these criteria will be declined.

We will notify you about whether your searches meet these criteria within one working day, and will email your search responses as soon as they are available.

You will need to create and use a Tower Hamlets Self-service account to make a booking.

These are contingency arrangements and will not remain in place due to capacity issues any longer than they need to be. We will continue to review them in line with government guidance.

We hope this will help you continue providing services.