Transport policies

Through its transport policy Tower Hamlets is attempting to create a cleaner, greener and more attractive borough, where it is safe and easy to travel and where the environment is protected for future generations.

Tackling increasing traffic by controlling street parking and promoting other forms of transports such as public transport, cycling and walking is just one of the many ways in which the council is trying to achieve its goal. The council has also identified a number of key themes it needs to achieve in order to provide residents and visitors to the borough with a climate friendly transport system.

Making connections - towards a climate-friendly transport future - 2008-2033

Making connections is the green transport strategy arm of the council's shared sustainable vision for the borough. It informs our community about how the council is working with others to help make our transport policy greener and more climate-friendly.

As part of this work, the council has developed a package of innovative green transport measures, including:

  • promoting healthier, greener travel options with our local citizens
  • working to reduce carbon dioxide levels from motor vehicles
  • encouraging less car dependent lifestyles
  • working to promote community car clubs, cycle hire and car free living schemes
  • promoting walking, cycling and public transport

Making Connections has been distributed to schools, Idea Stores and Libraries across the borough and is available online at: Making connections

Cycling Connections

Cycling Connections sets out the cycling plan for Tower Hamlets until 2020, aiming to boost the number of people choosing to cycle in order to improve fitness, reduce road congestion and help the environment.

As part of this plan, the council has outlined key cycling objectives for the borough, to:

  • Maximise the role of cycling as a priority form of travel to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality
  • Provide safe, convenient, efficient and attractive cycling conditions across Tower Hamlets
  • Improve awareness and understanding of the benefits of cycling amongst all road users, employers, service providers and local citizens
  • Improve health by increasing levels of physical activity through cycling projects in the borough