New parking fees and charges

From Monday 4 June 2018, changes will be made to parking fees and charges around the borough. You can download a copy of the new fees and charges.

Car clubs

What are car clubs?

Car clubs are a new way to use a vehicle without owning it.  No more need to worry about servicing or maintenance, no need to pay for insurance or tax, all this will be dealt with by the car club operator.

How does it work

  • book a car via telephone or by internet
  • use your smart card to get in, pick up the car from a local car club parking bay
  • return car to the allocated car club bay once you have finished
  • monthly bills for easy payment

How much does it cost and what does it include

You only pay for what you use. Each company has a different cost but they are usually less than £5 an hour. The cost includes:

  • petrol
  • insurance
  • tax
  • maintenance
  • cleaning

These car club companies operate in Tower Hamlets:-

Where's my nearest?

Find your nearest car club.

Reasons to join

One car club vehicle can replace between five and ten private. This represents a huge benefit to the environment, air quality carbon footprint, congestion and parking.  With fewer cars on the roads, as people share the cars, it means fewer cars competing for parking spaces in a local street.

People who use car clubs tend to make smarter choices about their travel patterns, by using the car only when it is needed. The reduction in trips helps reduce congestion and pollution.

The car club vehicles are new so they have modern and improved safety features. Therefore, they are less likely to breakdown or fail on the driver.

The car club vehicles have specially dedicated bays in easy to access locations making parking very easy.