Parking price increases came into effect on 18 April 2019

From September 2019, there will be an additional charge for a diesel vehicle and this charge will be in addition to the cost of a permit, including any surcharge applied to the second and third permit in a residential household.

A full list of the changes can be found on the parking charges page.

Parking fines

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Paying a penalty charge notice (PCN)

You can pay your Tower Hamlets parking fine also known as a penalty charge notice (PCN) using any of the following methods:

  • online using the parking payments service 
  • by calling 020 7364 5000 and using your credit/debit card
  • by posting a cheque or postal order made payable to London Borough of Tower Hamlets or LBTH and sent to:
    Parking Services
    PO Box 14790
    E14 2WA

Please write your address on the back of the cheque along with any reference number.

Please note: you can only view footage on a laptop or desktop PC. It isn't currently possible to view footage on smartphones or tablets.

View PCN footage and images


Charges and stages for PCNs

Please click here for information on the stages of a PCN

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Challenge a PCN

PCNs can only be challenged in writing. Please provide as much detail as you can and any evidence you feel may support your claim. Parking enforcement is often the result of motorists making a mistake because regulations have not been correctly observed or complied with. Errors, accidents and lateness are not likely to result in a successful appeal. If you feel the PCN was invalid, the restrictions were not clear or illegal parking was undertaken due to mitigating circumstances, please explain this in your challenge or formal representation.

Please note that you cannot challenge a PCN or make a representation once the charge has been paid.

Informal challenge 

You can make an informal challenge against PCNs issued by a civil enforcement officer and PCNs for bus lane contraventions.

If you write to us within the first 14 days of issue of a PCN or within 14 days from the date of service of a postal PCN, we will put your case on hold until we respond. If you are unsuccessful, you may get a further chance to pay at the discounted rate.

Please note that all responses are sent by post so you must ensure that you include your full name and address with your challenge, even if you believe that we already have your address. We will not be able to respond to any challenges that do not contain a name and postal address.

If you are unhappy with the decision, please do not write to us again until a notice to owner or an enforcement notice for a bus lane CCTV PCN has been issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle. This is sent at least 28 days after the PCN was served, providing it has not been cancelled or paid.

Formal representation

You can make a formal representation if you have received:

  • A notice to owner for a PCN issued by a civil enforcement officer;
  • A bus lane enforcement notice;
  • A PCN issued by post for a parking or moving traffic contravention.

The notice to owner (NTO) gives the registered keeper of the vehicle the opportunity to make a formal representation against the PCN. The registered keeper may have to pay the charge in full if they are unsuccessful.

If we reject a formal representation and you still wish to challenge the PCN then the next step is to appeal to the environment and traffic adjudicators (ETA), the independent tribunal for civil parking and traffic contraventions. Appeals are made online on the ETA website,, and the notice of rejection that we send to you will contain a verification code for use on the ETA website. Please note that this verification code is different from the webcode mentioned above that is contained in the notice to owner.

Make a challenge or representation:


Online PCN representation form 


If you are making a formal challenge, you will need to enter the webcode which you can find on the top right of the Notice that you have received. If you have lost your Notice you may telephone our Contact Centre on 020 7364 5000 and they will provide you with your webcode to use. You do not require a webcode to make an informal challenge.

If you are challenging more than one PCN, please ensure that you submit separate appeals for each PCN number, failure to do so may result in your appeal not being considered.

  • By post to:
    Parking, Mobility & Transport Services
    PO Box 14790
    E14 2WA