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Council collects over 2,000 tonnes of waste over Christmas

2,150 tonnes of commercial and household waste was collected by the Council over the festive period.

Council fines rogue letting and managing agents £150,000

The council is tackling rogue letting and managing agents by issuing around £150,000 in fines.

Council offices

Find out how to get to any of our offices

Council performance

To help us track our progress we monitor the delivery of our Strategic Plan, including achievement against our strategic performance measures. We set ambitious targets for each of our performance measures, and progress is publicly reported to Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny every three months

Council premises leased to VCS organisations

Find out what premises the council leases to VCS organisations

Council puts tenants welfare first as Foxtons is fined £38,000 for not providing safety information

Foxtons fined £38,000 for not providing basic information

Council response to attack in Bethnal Green

The council has responded to the recent attack in Bethnal Green.

Council taking action to tackle air quality and climate change

Air Quality and Climate Change strategy

Council tax

Pay online, or find out about other ways to pay your council tax

Council tax benefit appeals

If you are not happy with a decision about your council tax benefits application, you can appeal it.
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