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Parks and open spaces

Tower Hamlets has many diverse parks, gardens and open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy, including Mile End and the award winning Victoria Park

Pavement maintenance

We are responsible for the maintenance of roads, including pavements and footways.

Paying for care, support and activities

I need advice on paying for care, support and activities.

Paying for your care

What does support from Social Care cost?

Peace walk to tackle hate

Council staff and residents hosted a 'peace walk' to celebrate National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Pencil-UK Bijoy Mela

16 December. Celebrating the 47th Victory Day of Bangladesh.

Permission to rent

Always make sure that anyone claiming to be a landlord or an agent is genuine. Find out how to make the correct checks.

Personalised parking bays for disabled people

Residents with severe disabilities may be eligible to apply for a disabled-parking bay near their home. Permits will generally only be issued to disabled drivers and are vehicle- and bay-specific.

Pest control

We offer advice to residents and businesses about how to get rid of insects, rodents or other potential health hazard

Pests and vermin

What to do if you have a pest issue in your rented home
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