More than 200 warnings have been handed out as police and council crack down on unauthorised car meets

Westferry op 2

Twenty cars have been seized and 200 drivers reported as the council and police take action against unauthorised car meets and street racing.

Over the past three months, Tower Hamlets Council and the police have been targeting drivers of nuisance vehicles in the borough in response to residents’ complaints about modified vehicles, dangerous driving, racing and car meets.

The targeted activities with specialist Police Traffic Officers have resulted in more than 220 drivers being reported or dealt with by the police.

A number of joint operations have taken place across the borough, including targeting car meets in Westferry Circus which was identified as an ongoing issue.

Using fixed CCTV, body camera footage and Automated Number Plate systems, 186 section 59 notices were given to drivers. If they are caught again, their cars will be seized.

On top of this, 84 Community Protection Warnings have also been issued to drivers.   

The various operations have also seen seven arrests, 45 drivers reported for various traffic offences and 21 vehicles seized for no insurance or other offences.

Up to four meets a month were taking part at Westferry prior to the joint work, but this has now reduced to one a month.

Cllr Abu Talha Chowdhury, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said:

“We support people having hobbies and interests, but these must be carried out in a respectful way that does not negatively impact on others.

“Unauthorised car meets can cause huge disruptions for those living near by, with loud car engines, anti-social and dangerous driving, and anti-social behaviour.

“The council has listened to our residents and, along with police, taken firm action against those involved in these disruptive behaviours.”


Posted on Wednesday 29th November 2023