User guide for people without a council laptop

The first time you setup HR Self-Service (HRSS)/MyView there are a number of steps to go through.

Once these are complete and MyView is connected to Microsoft Authenticator you can use your fingerprint or face ID to access MyView.

This guide will show you how to:

  • create a password for HRSS
  • Install Microsoft Authenticator on your own device
  • Install MyView on your own device
  • connect MyView and Microsoft Authenticator
  • access MyView on your own device for the first time

This is a guide for users who no longer have a council laptop / do not have a council laptop. (Leavers, Pensioners, and School staff). If you have a council laptop use our other guide.

Before you start

You will need:

  • Your own email address
  • An Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Your employee/payroll number

Your employee number

Your employee number is the same as your payroll number and your employee ID.

To find your employee number, check your payslip.

On a newer payslip your employee number is at the top left:

new payslip

On an older payslip your payroll number is at the top right:

old payslip

1. Create a password for HRSS

Before using the MyView app you need to create a password on the website. You will use this to access the app.

1.1 Go to the HRSS website:

1.2 Select "Log in - MyView details":

zellis website log in

1.3 Even though you have not forgotten your password, select "Forgotten your password" to create your password:

zellis forgotten password

1.4 For your user name, enter your employee/payroll number and select “Reset my account”:

zellis reset my account

An email will be sent to the email address we have for you in the HR system.

1.5 Your email will look like this:

password email content

Your password is in quote marks. Copy the text between the quote marks.

The password is case sensitive and is valid for 10 minutes. You will need this password when you have installed MyView on your own device.

2. Install MyView on your own device

2.1 Download and install the MyView App:

2.2 Open MyView and select "Log in - MyView details":

zellis website log in

2.3 Enter your employee/payroll number as your user name, the password sent to you in the email and select "Log in":

MyView app log in

2.4 You will be prompted to change your password:

MyView app change password

Enter your current password, sent to you in the email. Enter a new password and repeat your new password in the "Confirm password" field.

Your new password must:

  • be at least 14 characters long
  • have at least 1 uppercase character
  • have at least 1 lowercase character

2.5 You will be asked to enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Select "Next":

enable multifactor authentication

2.6 A unique code is generated for you.

If you have another phone, you can scan the QR code, otherwise choose "Show manual entry code" a 32-character code will be displayed:

Myview manual code

Copy the 32-character code. You need to use it in Microsoft Authenticator when you have installed that next.

3. Install Microsoft Authenticator on your own device

If you already use Microsoft Authenticator you can skip to "3.6 Personal account".

3.1 Download and install Microsoft authenticator:

3.2 Open Authenticator.

3.3 Select "Accept":

authenticator accept

3.4 Then select "Continue":

authenticator continue

3.5 Select "Add account":

authenticator add account

3.6 Select "Personal account":

authenticator add personal account

3.7 Select "Scan a QR code":

authenticator sign in with qr


authenticator sign in manually

3.8 Enter the 32-character code you got from MyView earlier.

3.9 Microsoft Authenticator will show a 6-digit password:

authenticator 6 digit password

3.10 Enter the 6-digit password into MyView:

MyView verification

If you are on an Android phone you will get a message about locking and unlocking your phone. Select "OK" to continue.

3.11 You will get a message letting you know that you have successfully registered your device.

Select "Close":

MyView Multi-factor Authentication

3.12 Sign out of MyView. Select the three dots (Kebab) menu at the top right of the screen and select "Sign Out":

MyView sign out

4 Set up MyView so you can use your fingerprint or face ID

4.1 Open MyView and select "Get started":


4.2 Select "Got a registration code?". Enter "LBTHREG" and select "Verify".


4.3 Select "Log in - MyView details":

MyView Log in MyView details

4.4 Enter your employee/payroll number as your user name, use the password you created earlier and select "Log in":

MyView app log in

4.5 MyView will ask you for a Verification code. You need to get this from Authenticator.

Open Authenticator and copy the 6-digit password.

authenticator 6 digit password

4.6 Enter the 6 digit password as your Verification Code in MyView and select "Verify":

MyView verification

4.7 If you have log in options on your phone set up for fingerprint or face ID your phone will ask if you want to use these in future:

fingerprint face id

You have completed the setup of Authenticator and MyView.

Next steps