Marriage arrangement and ceremony

The ceremony

Civil ceremonies at TH registerA civil marriage/civil partnership ceremony can take place in a register office or other building licensed for marriage ceremonies. The ceremony is conducted by a registration officer and must be of a non-religious nature.

View a list of all the approved wedding ceremony venues, including our own vestry.

View the Tower Hamlets civil ceremonies brochure to find out more about arranging a civil ceremony in Tower Hamlets. 

We have a fantastic selection of venues licensed to hold civil ceremonies and catering for all tastes and budgets.

Provisional bookings

A non-refundable booking fee of £50 for all provisional bookings will be charged.

If you wish to enquire about provisionally booking a date for your ceremony or would like to enquire about registrar availability please get in touch.

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The legal formalities

Unless you are marrying in the Church of England or Church in Wales by banns or common licence (see ‘Religious marriage ceremonies’ below), notice of marriage has to be given by each of you personally to your local superintendent registrar(s).

Both of you must have lived in a registration district in England or Wales for at least eight days immediately before giving notice at the register office. If you both live in the same district, you will each give notice at the same office. If you live in different registration districts, you will each give notice separately in your own area.

A notice of marriage is valid for 12 months. You may therefore not give notice of marriage to the superintendent registrar more than 12 months before the date of your wedding.  

A notice of marriage is valid only for the venue named on the notice. Whereas it may be possible to alter the date of your marriage (provided it is before the expiry date), a change of location would require a fresh notice and fee.

For this reason, you must ensure that you have booked both the venue for your ceremony and registrars before placing your notices of marriage. Once you have placed your notices of marriage, you cannot change the venue without having to place fresh notices, attend at the register office and pay the appropriate fee again.


Customers wishing to place notice of marriage/civil partnership will be seen by appointment only. Please telephone us on 020 7364 7880 to book an appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled if you are more than five minutes late.

Documents required by law

When you attend before a superintendent registrar to make formal arrangements, you will need to produce certain documents to confirm your name, age, marital status and nationality. 

Requirements for giving a notice.

Religious marriage ceremonies

If you wish to be married in the Church of England in Tower Hamlets – and generally you will be able to do so only if you or your partner lives in the parish – you should first speak to the vicar. If the vicar is able to marry you, he or she will arrange for the banns to be called on three Sundays before the day of your ceremony or for a common licence to be issued. The marriage will also be registered by the vicar and there is generally no need to involve the local superintendent registrar.

If you wish to marry by religious ceremony other than in the Church of England or Church in Wales, you should first arrange to see the minister or other person in charge of marriages at that establishment, which must normally be in the registration district where you or your partner lives. It will also be necessary for both of you to give formal notice of marriage to the superintendent registrar of the district(s) where you live. A registrar may also need to be booked.