Club premises certificate

To authorise the supply of alcohol and regulated entertainment in a qualifying club you need a club premises certificate from us.

In a qualifying club there is no sale by retail of alcohol (except to guests) as the member owns part of the alcohol stock. The money passing across the bar is a mechanism to preserve equity between members where one may consume more than another. To constitute a qualifying club you must also meet the various requirements set out in the Licensing Act 2003.

Clubs must be qualifying clubs. A qualifying club has general conditions it must satisfy. These are:

  • a person may not be given memberships or as a candidate for membership to any membership privileges without an interval of at least two days from their membership application or nomination and their membership being granted
  • that club rules state that those becoming member without nomination or application cannot have membership privileges for at least two days between them becoming members and being admitted to the club
  • that the club is established and conducted in good faith
  • that the club has at least 25 members
  • that alcohol is only supplied to members on the premises on behalf or by the club

Additional conditions in relation to the supply of alcohol must be complied with. These conditions are:

  • that alcohol purchased for and supplied by the club is done by members of club who are over 18 years of age and are elected to do so by the members
  • that no person at the expense of the club receives any commission, percentage or other similar payment in regard to the purchase of alcohol by the club
  • that there are no arrangements for anyone to receive a financial benefit from supplying alcohol, apart from any benefit to the club or to any person indirectly from the supply giving a gain from running the club

Registered industrial and provident societies and friendly societies will qualify if the alcohol is purchased for and supplied by the club is done under the control of the members or a committee of members.

Relevant miners' welfare institutes can also be considered. A relevant institute is one that is managed by a committee or board that consists of at least two thirds of people appointed or elevated by one or more licensed operators under the Coal Industry Act 1994 and by one or more organisations who represent coal mine employees. The institute can be managed by the committee or board where the board cannot be made up as detailed above but is made up of at least two thirds of members who were employed or are employed in or around coal mines and also by people who were appointed by the Coal Industry Welfare Organisation or by a body who had similar functions under the Miners' Welfare Act 1952. In any case the premises of the institute must be held on a trust as required under the Recreational Charities Act 1958.

You can read a summary of the regulation relating to this licence

Application and evaluation process

The procedure for a club premises licence is the same as a new premises licence, but the forms are different:

Don’t forget to complete and enclose the club declaration along with the application form. Also enclose a copy of the club rules.

Vary a club premises certificate

Holders of existing club premises certificates may apply for a variation, for example, varying the hours during which a licensable activity is permitted.

Application must be made on behalf of the club and applicants must have the authority to bind the club.

Where you want to substantially vary the physical premises, you must apply for a new club premises certificate. For small changes to the licence you can apply for a minor variation.

The procedure to vary the club premises licence is the same as a new premises licence, but the forms are different. We will reject any public notice that states an old address (for example Mulberry Place) for the Licensing Authority.

Download the application forms:

Notification of change of details; club rules

Where a club holds a club premises certificate (or has made an application for a club premises certificate, which has not been determined by the licensing authority) the secretary of the club must give notice of any change in the name, or alteration made to the rules, of the club.

Once we have been notified, we will amend the club premises certificate accordingly. The above cannot include a change to the premises to which the club premises certificate relates. The premises must have an existing club premises certificate.

Read a summary of the regulation relating to this licence.

The notification should include:

  • details of change of name or alteration to club rules;
  • the club premises certificate or, if that is not practicable, by a statement of the reasons for the failure to produce the certificate


The fee for notification of change of name or alteration to the club rules is £10.50.

Online payments can now be made on the payments page.

You can make a payment by telephone on 020 7364 5000.

Complaints and appeals

See the main page for information on how to appeal or complain and our contact details.