Temporary events notices (TEN)

If you wish to hold an event in Tower Hamlets, you must give a temporary event notice (TEN) to the council no later than ten full working days before the event for a Standard TEN, and no later than five full working days but no earlier than nine working days for a Late TEN. If the premises where the event is to be held is in areas governed by two or more local authorities, applications must be made to each.

The Standard TEN and the Late TEN are different processes. Late TENs are intended to be used by premises users who are required for reasons outside their control to, for example, change the venue at short notice. They should not be used except in exceptional circumstances. Should an objection be made by the police or environmental protection, you will receive a counter notice advising the event cannot take place.

Eligibility criteria

You must be 18 years or older to give a TEN and can give a maximum of five TENs per year. If you are a personal licence holder, you can give a maximum of 50 TENs per year.

Your event must involve no more than 499 people at any one time and last no more than 168 (7 days) hours with a minimum of 24 hours between events.

Where TENs are applied for events which are not premise specific, a clear description of the area of proposed activities should be detailed in the application. You may wish to consider providing a plan of the exact area to assist the Responsible Authorities.

If the proposed event is for more than 499 people, then you must apply for a time-limited premises licence.

The notice must be in a specific format and must be made by someone over 18 years of age.

A premise can have 15 events or 21 days in any calendar year with a maximum of 168 hrs with 24 hours break until the next event. For 2022 and 2023, this limit is increased to 20 events or 26 days.

Please note the "ten working days" (and other periods of days which apply to other requirements in relation to TENs) exclude the day the notice is received and the first day of the event.

Read a summary of the regulation relating to this licence.

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve extensions 2023

For Christmas Eve extensions you must submit your TEN by:

  • 8 December (Standard TEN) and
  • by 15 December (Late TEN – remember the Police or Environmental Health can veto a Late TEN outright).

For New Year’s Eve the last dates for submitting your TENs are:

  • 13 December (Standard TEN) and
  • 20 December (Late TEN).

Evaluation process

The following information should be included on the form:

  • details of the licensable activities
  • the event period
  • the times when during that period the activities will take place
  • the maximum number of people proposed to be allowed on the premises
  • any other required matters.


The fee is £21 for each notice given.

Online payments can be made on the payment page.

You can a make payment by telephone on 020 7364 5000.


Please read the notes at the end of the application form very carefully. Download the under 500 licensing application form or apply online through the GOV.UK website

When making an application on GOV.UK website, please ensure that the payment is approved and authorised. If no payment has been authorised, this may lead to your application being rejected. If you are in any doubt please contact the Licensing Team on our hotline 020 7364 5000. 

Where do I send the forms?

You must send the forms to the Licensing Authority, Metropolitan Police and Environmental Protection (Noise Team). Please see Appendix two for their contact details.

We will acknowledge receipt of the notice by giving a notice to the premises user.

If the chief police officer and environmental protection receive a notice and believe that the event would undermine the licensing objectives, they can serve an objection notice on the licensing authority and the premises user. This notice must be served within 3 working days from receipt of the temporary event notice.

We must then hold a hearing. Members will then make a decision if the event can take place and may also add conditions which you will need to comply with. A decision must be made at least 24 hours before the beginning of the event. The police or environmental health may decide to impose conditions on a TEN, and you may be contacted by the authorities in relation to this.

Counter notices may be provided by us if the number of permitted TENs has been exceeded.

See the main page for our contact details and information on how to appeal or complain.