Introduction of one hour of free parking near our markets

From 1 February 2023, customers can take advantage of a one-hour free parking session for their vehicle near our markets.

To take advantage of this offer, you need to register a free parking session using the RingGo app or the phone number advertised on local signage.
Drivers can only book one free market session per day. If you wish to stay longer than one hour, you can pay to extend your stay.

Market Commodity Group Listings

All Commodities unless specified are all new items.

Commodity group listings
 No. Short description Full description
 1  Ladies Outerwear  Ladies Outerwear (not including anything falling within Category 25)
 2  Men’s Outerwear  Men’s Outerwear
 3  Babies/Children’s Outerwear  Babies wear up to 24 Months and Children’s Outerwear.
 4  Underwear and Nightwear  Ladies, Men’s, Children’s Underwear, Nightwear, Swimwear, Socks, knitted scarves (winter type), Gloves, Hosiery, and Hats.
 5  Footwear and Accessories  Footwear and Accessories
 6  Jewellery etc  Watches, Watch Straps, Watch Accessories (including Watch Batteries), Clocks (non electrical), Jewellery, Belts, Hair Accessories, and Sunglasses.
 7  Bags  Handbags, Suitcases, Briefcases, Holdalls & Travel Goods, Purses, Wallets and Umbrellas.
 8  Prepared Food  Prepared Food i.e.(Cooked Food)
 9  Non-Prepared Food  Prepacked Food
 10  Beauty Products  Beauty Products, Cosmetics, and Fragrances.
 11  Electrical Goods Domestic Electrical Goods, Hair Dryers,Clocks, Lighting, Electrical Accessories (Inc. Batteries, Wires, Plugs, and Bulbs), Mobile Phones/Accessories, Lighters.
 12  Music and Computing  Records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, Video Tapes, Musical Equipment,Computer and Software and Hardware.
 13  Greeting Cards and Stationery  Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper, Stationery, Decorations, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Posters and Seasonal Novelties.
 14  Horticulture (Columbia Road only)  Plants, Flowers, Foliage and Chemicals for Horticultural Applications.
 15  Horticulture  Plants, Flowers, Plant Accessories, Gardening Tools.
 16  Pet Goods  Pet Foods and Accessories, Aquatic Goods and Accessories.
 17  Household – Hardware  Household Goods i.e. Furniture, Glassware, Chinaware, Pictures, Framed Pictures and Prints, Mirrors, Frames, Ornaments, Carvings, Pottery, Plaster Plaques, Kitchenware and Bathroom ware.
 18  Household – Software  Household Software Furnishings i.e. Bed Linen and Towels, Fabrics and Sewing Goods, Carpets, Rugs, Curtains, Cushion/Covers, Duvets, Pillows, Oven Gloves, Throws, Lampshades.
 19  Toys  Toys, Games, and Craft Sets.
 20  Second-hand and Other Clothing  Second-hand Clothing, Army Surplus, and Industrial Clothing. This is only Permitted in Brick Lane only.
 21  Household Cleaning  Household Cleaning Agents, Cleaning Accessories & Household Toiletries.
 22  Novelties  Souvenirs, Novelties, Football and Music Memorabilia.
 23  Floristry, New Age and Ethnic Goods  Floristry Equipment, Dried and Silk Flowers, New Age Goods i.e. Joss Sticks, Oils, and Stones.
 24  Engraving and Key Cutting  Engraving, Key Cutting, Key Rings, and Locks.
 25  Cultural Dress  Authentic Cultural Wear: Salwar suits /Salwar Kameez, Saree, Lehenga , Kurta tops, Panjabi/Kurta, Pyjama, Abaya, Jilbabs, Black Burka
 26  Hairdressing Equipment  Hairdressing Equipment and accessories
 27  Sportswear and Sports Goods  Sportswear and Sports Goods
 28  Car and Cycle Equipment and Tools  Car Mechanical Equipment, Cycles and Accessories, and Tools, relating to Cars and Cycles.
 29  Baby Equipment  Baby Equipment i.e. Prams, Cribs, Cots, Bottles, Teats, Baths etc
 30  DIY Material  Home Improvement DIY Equipment, including Wallpaper and Decorating Materials.
 31  Demonstrator  Demonstrator/ promotions
 38  Miscellaneous  Items not belonging to any specific group.
 39  Fruit and Vegetables  Fruit and Vegetables
 40  Fresh Fish  Fish
 41  Hot Food  Specific food to be defined on trading licence
42 Scarves, Head Scarves,
Scarves, Head Scarves, Shawls (Woollen scarves not permitted)
43 Arts and Crafts Global arts and crafts items