Reopening markets safely

In line with government guidelines, stalls at our markets have reopened as part of a staged return with new layouts to facilitate social distancing and manage the capacity of market areas.

Our officers have been planning for the reopening of markets for some time, exploring options to do so in a safe way. There are significant challenges involved and it is clear that in the short term at least, our markets will look and feel quite different from what we are used to.

Traders are being asked to look at their operating models and to put plans in place that would allow them to operate in a safe and socially distanced way. Market officers are providing advice and support. Traders who cannot demonstrate that they have proper plans in place will not be allowed to reopen.

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COVID-19 Support for market traders

To support markets and traders during these difficult times, the council is waving all pitch fees for both permanent and casual market traders from Monday 23 March until Thursday 30 April.

During this time priority points will also be frozen. We will continue to review the situation to extend or provide further support where needed.

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Market traders

Tower Hamlets boasts some of the most iconic and internationally renowned street markets in London. No other borough in London offers year round trading with such a choice of vibrant and contrasting markets. With a justifiably proud history and tradition on many of the borough's markets, they contribute significantly to the vitality of local economies.

The council manages, promotes, licences, develops and supports independent commercial street trading opportunities within the borough. By moving away from being just custodians to business curators of street markets, we lead on reinvigorating and transforming entrepreneurial trading activity. Our approach to market management is an investment in the future, not solely a regulatory function.

With over 2,500 pitches, we welcome partnering with all new traders, both permanent and temporary, who share our passion for markets and share our belief to provide enterprising markets for the wider economic benefit to local business and communities.

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Markets Services meet all new potential traders for the borough in an introductory meeting, to discuss opportunities and requirements, provide guidance, and provide practical assistance.

For more information, please contact us:

Market Services
131 Commercial Street
London E1 6BJ

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 10am to 2pm


A variety of special events, introductory pricing, pitch promotions, incentives and new market opportunities are available on an ongoing bases. Please enquire or check our twitter feed to be updated on the latest special deals.


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