Cohesion plan

We want to continue to be a place where people feel they belong and where people feel they get on well together and have an equal voice.

Our Tower Hamlets: A plan for a more cohesive community is a five-year plan which sets out our approach to do that by focusing on three key priorities which will filter through our programmes and service delivery:

  • Priority 1 – Connected People: People have strong and positive relationships with others from the same and different backgrounds
  • Priority 2 – Involved and Empowered Community: People have a common vision and a greater sense of belonging in the community
  • Priority 3 – Bridging the equalities gap: Similar life opportunities are available to all.

Read the summary cohesion plan.

You can read the full cohesion plan with the Cabinet papers. The full cohesion plan was agreed in Cabinet on 23 September 2020.