Greater London Authority (GLA) Polls – Thursday 2 May 2024

The Mayor of London and London Assembly Elections take place every four years with the next polls scheduled to take place on Thursday 2 May 2024.

There are three different 'contests' that make up GLA elections with three different ballot papers for voters.

These are for:

  • the Mayor of London
  • the 14 Members of the London Assembly that represent London’s 14 Constituencies
  • the 11 Assembly Members that represent the whole of London (London-wide Members)

The Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO)

The Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO) is responsible for overseeing the three contests, including the preparations for the poll and the counting of the votes.

The GLRO is appointed by the London Mayor but acts and takes decisions independently of the GLA and is ultimately responsible directly to the courts.

City and East Constituency

Tower Hamlets is part of the City and East Constituency which is the responsibility of the Constituency Returning Officer (CRO) at Newham with Tower Hamlets Chief Executive Stephen Halsey acting as Borough Returning Officer (BRO).

Further information can be found on the GLA website.

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