Help for voters

You can vote if you are eligible and have an entry on the electoral register. Check our polling station finder and enter your address into the search box to find your polling station.

Need help with translations?

Help with other languages to explain Voter ID is available in the voter booklet.

If you have any questions please contact the office on 020 7364 0872 or email

Help for disabled voters

In the polling station the following provisions will be in place for disabled voters including those who may be partially sighted or blind.

  • large-print versions of the ballot paper(s)
  • A large handheld ballot paper(s)
  • A magnifier is also available for those with impaired sight
  • A tactile selector device designed specifically to assist electors with impaired sight when casting their vote.

The tactile device fits over the ballot paper and the voter lifts a tab where they wish to cast their vote. 

The polling station staff will assist any elector who wishes to use this device.

Voters will be able to choose anyone who is over 18 to go with them to the polling station to help them vote. This includes carers who may not be eligible to vote in the election. The elector and helper must complete a simple form at the polling station before the ballot paper is issued.

The new provisions introduced by the Elections Act 2022 need the Returning Officer to provide each polling station with assistive equipment. This is needed for the purposes of enabling or making it easier for, relevant persons to vote independently and in secret.

Help for wheelchair users

Where practicable the polling places in Tower Hamlets are accessible for wheelchair users. All polling places have low-level voting booths.

Help from polling station staff

If you have any questions or need help, polling staff are available on the day of poll to assist voters.