Becoming a childminder in Tower Hamlets

What is a childminder?

A childminder is a person who regularly looks after children under 8 years of age:

  • who are not the parents or close relatives of the children in their care,
  • for reward or pay,
  • in their own home.

Childminders are required to register with Ofsted. Ofsted is the government department responsible for registering and inspecting childminders in England.

It is illegal for an unregistered person to look after children under 8 years old for reward of pay for more than 2 hours a day.

Childminder information sessions

Our childminder information sessions led by our Early Education and Childcare Advisors will provide in-depth advice on the process of becoming a registered childminder in Tower Hamlets.

By the end of the session, you will be informed of:

  • what you can expect from childminding,
  • what is expected of you and
  • understand the Ofsted registration process.

Our information sessions aim to help you decide if childminding is a career option for you. There will be many opportunities at the session to ask questions.

To book a place on our next childminder information sessions, please email:

More information on how to register and become a childminder

Contact details of Early Education and Childcare advisors

If you would like to become a childminder and would like to speak to someone to get more information and advice, you may contact one of our Early Education and Childcare advisors. Please email the advisor that deals with the area you live in.
Contact details 
Contact NameEmail address Area (postcode)
Carol Akyeampong


Julie Ulla

E1 & E1W

Sarah Champion

E2 & E3 (Bow and Mile End)

Monwara Ali

E14 (Around Poplar & Chrisp Street)

Brenda Lubrun

E14 (Isle of Dogs)

Pat Wells

Strategic Quality and Sufficiency Manager