Travelling to and from school

Walking or cycling to school

There's never been a better time to get active on the school run by choosing to walk and cycle to school.

We're investing in lots of changes around schools to make it safer and more enjoyable to get around.

Much of the traffic and pollution at peak times is related to school journeys so you can improve your family's health and environment by changing the way you travel.

Public transport capacity remains limited due to social distancing so it's vital that families try to walk, scoot or cycle part or all of their trips if they can. 

Speak to your child's school about their travel plan and facilities for walking, cycling and scooting.

Top tips for the school run

  • Plan your route before you leave – quieter routes will be safer and nicer
  • Check the weather – is it jacket or jumper weather?
  • Practice your journey and try different routes
  • Go with a parent or grown-up when you first use a new route
  • Use zebra and pelican crossings and stop, look and listen
  • Before riding, check your bike’s ABC: air, brakes, chain
  • Ride your bike on the road or a cycle path, not the pavement
  • Scoot on the pavement, not the road - e-scooters are for use on the road by insured over-16s only
  • Lock your bike when you're not riding it
  • Keep your distance from strangers

Why should I walk or cycle to school?

  • Help slow global warming
  • Fewer cars means cleaner air
  • Get to know your area and meet friends
  • Keep active: healthy body, healthy mind
  • Save money on public transport or fuel costs
  • Beat the traffic jams
  • Boost your confidence with free family cycle training or an online course
  • You can hire a Santander Cycle from less than 25p per day
  • Social distancing is easy on a bike.


Transport for London run an accreditation scheme to inspire young Londoners to travel to school sustainably and safely by encouraging walking, scooting and cycling.

The Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe scheme is open to all London schools and nurseries with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to recognise efforts to encourage sustainable travel. 

Breathe Clean

Find out more about pollution and local air quality on our Breathe Clean page.

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