Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets


Introducing the new Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

From 4 to 10 December, 7,167 young people voted to elect their new Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets, following campaigns from fifteen young people in the borough.

With the majority vote, sixteen-year-old Fetuma Hassan from Mulberry Girls School has been elected as the new Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Alongside Fetuma Hassan, the deputies to run in the Youth Council along with their roles are: 

  1. Iffat Bhuiyan – Lead for Education 
  2. Khadija Dirir – Lead for Environment 
  3. Ziyad Baksh – Lead for Community 
  4. Fatima Omar – Lead for Health & Wellbeing 
  5. Rochelle Lewis-Geary – Lead for Social Economic Growth 

About the Young Mayor team

The young mayor deputies are the voice of young people in the borough, and they work closely with other local young people and services to understand their issues and raise concerns by:

  • representing young people locally and nationally
  • getting involved in the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other local youth forums
  • attending events and organising special projects and
  • influencing and steering strategic decisions that affect young people in the borough

The Young Mayor, and deputy young mayors, are elected to serve two-year terms, with the next elections taking place in 2025.

See below video from the previous Youth Council team who ran from 2021 to 2023.