Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Meet the final 12 candidates hoping to win your vote

The 12 young men and women campaigning for your vote this year have each written manifestos outlining their pledges to you, the voters.

You can find out more about each of them below:

 Vivian -1Vivian Akinremi

Read Vivian's manifesto

 Jaami -1Jaami Barry

Read Jaami's manifesto

 Ahmed -1Ahmed Duale

Read Ahmed's manifesto

 Fairoz -1Fairoz Faria

Read Fairoz' manifesto

 Juliann -1Juliann Gaskin

Read Juliann's manifesto

 Nadia -1Nadia Hussein

Read Nadia's manifesto

 Dawood -1Daawood Islam

Read Daawood's manifesto

 Saihan -1Saihan Islam

Read Saihan's manifesto

 Carlotta -2Carlotta Joffe

Read Carlotta's manifesto

 Inga -1Inga Karlinska

Read Inga's manifesto

 Muhsin -1Muhsin Mahmud

Read Muhsin's manifesto

 Umayya -1Umayya Rahman

Read Umayya's manifesto


What is the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets?

The Young Mayor represents young people across the borough and is elected every two years by young people who live, work or study in Tower Hamlets. Over the past few years, the Young Mayor elections have gained enormous momentum in engaging young people with local democracy and the world of politics in Tower Hamlets.

The Young Mayor and his/her deputies attend meetings with local councillors and decision makers. They also represent you at regional and national meetings.

When will the 2019 election be held?

The Young Mayor elections will be held from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 March in secondary schools and selected youth centres.

When does the count take place?

Counting of the votes will take place on Thursday 28 March and declarations will be announced on Friday 29 March. We will publish the results on this website and on the council’s Twitter page.

Who can vote?

Anyone aged 11-17 who lives, works or attends a school in Tower Hamlets can vote. Young people not attending a TH school must register to vote at one of the participating youth centres listed below:

  • Haileybury Youth Hub
  • Limehouse Youth Hub
  • Osmani Youth Centre
  • Spotlight Youth Centre

Who should I vote for?

Only you can make that decision. Remember, your vote is your own. 

Carefully read through this manifestos above to decide who you want to vote for. This is your chance to take part in local democracy and have a say in who represents you for the next two years.

How do I complete the ballot paper?

Once you have collected your ballot paper you will see a list ofcandidates standing in the election.

Vote ONCE by putting an X in the square next to the candidate of your choice.

There is no second choice vote.

You must choose a candidate in order for your ballot paper to be counted.

More information about the Young Mayor

The Young Mayor is elected every two years to represent the views of young people across the borough at the highest level. They work closely with the Tower Hamlets Mayor, Chief Executive, Directors and the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other key stakeholders locally and nationally.

In 2019, the Young Mayor will have five deputies, known as Youth Cabinet Members, who will also be elected for two years and who will lead on the following areas: social and economic development, communications, environment, health and wellbeing, and community.

The Young Mayor aims to be the voice of young people in the borough by consulting with them on their issues and concerns, and to create opportunities for them to address these by:

  • Strengthening community relations
  • Influencing local, regional and national decision makers
  • Speaking and encouraging young people to speak in public
  • Uniting young people
  • Running projects, campaigns, workshops and lobbying
  • Working at a local, regional and national level. 

The function of the Young Mayor and Youth Cabinet Members

·     Meet with the Executive Mayor, Chief Executive, directors, lead councillors and other decision-makers in Tower Hamlets to highlight issues impacting on young people.

  • Represent young people locally and nationally.
  • Get involved in the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other local youth forums
  • Attend events and organise special projects.
  • Influence and steer strategic decisions that affect young people in the borough.

Find out more

To find out more about the young mayors, email: