Young Mayor

2019 - 2021 Applications now open



The Young Mayor is elected every 2 years to represent the views of young people across the borough at the highest level. They work closely with the Tower Hamlets Mayor, Chief Executive, Directors and the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other key stakeholders locally and nationally. In 2019, the Young Mayor will have five deputies, known as Youth Cabinet Members, who will also be elected for two years and who will lead on the following areas: social and economic development, communications, environment, health and wellbeing, and community.

Aim of the Young Mayor

The Young Mayor aims to be the voice of young people in the borough by consulting with young people on their issues and concerns, and to create opportunities for them to address these by:

  • strengthening community relations
  • influencing local, regional and national decision makers
  • speaking and encouraging young people to speak in public
  • uniting young people
  • running projects, campaigns, workshops and lobbying
  • working at a local, regional and national level.

The purpose and function of the Young Mayor and Youth Cabinet Members are to:

·         Meet with the Elected Mayor, Chief Executive, Directors and lead Councillors and other decision-makers in Tower Hamlets to highlight issue affecting the youth.

  • Represent young people locally and nationally.
  • Get involved in the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other local youth forums
  • Attend events and organise special projects.
  • Influence & steer strategic decisions that affect young people in the borough

Who can apply to become a Young Mayor?

Anyone aged 12-17 (or up to 23 if they have a special educational need or disability, or were a looked-after young person) who lives, works or studies in Tower Hamlets can stand to be elected as the young mayor. Young people will vote in their schools and in selected youth centres to decide who they want to represent them.

You can download an application pack here.

Who can vote in the Young Mayor Elections?

All young people aged 11-17 (or up to 25 if they have a special educational need or disability, or were a looked-after young person), who live or study in the borough, are eligible to vote and we aim to involve all the secondary schools in the borough.


To find out more about the young mayors, contact us at:

Young Mayor

Khadra Said, Leadership and Participation Officer
Tel: 0207 364 4952

Relevant documents

2019 Young Mayor application pack

Manifesto hints and tips

Young Mayor Elections 2017

In January 2017 the young mayor elections took place across 20 different schools and 15 youth centres in the borough. A total of 11,153 (67%) young people aged 11-17 voted in the elections. The new young mayor, Fahimul Islam was elected with a total of 3,633 votes. Together with the runners up Shaiam Islam and Sadia Ahmed, they form the new young mayor team of Tower Hamlets, which has a 2 year term until January 2019.