Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Who is your Young Mayor team and what have they been up to?

An exclusive insight into their recent works and visions

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[Left to right: Muhsin Mahmud, Vivian Akinremi, Jaami Barry, Daawood Islam, Nadia Hussein and Ahmed Duale]

Jaami Barry – Young Mayor

Since the inauguration, Jaami has kept true to his words, delivering his ethos: ‘Educate. Empower. Elevate.’ In recent months, Jaami has taken to social media, campaigning against improper use of “Stop & Search” by the Police as well as racial profiling, a concern widely held across the youth population of Tower Hamlets. 

The Young Mayor has continuously ensured the youth voice is heard, speaking out in cabinet meetings, conventions and public events.  

Jaami says he looks forward to representing the views of young people over his two-year term.


Muhsin Mahmud – Youth Cabinet Member for Communications

Muhsin, Youth Cabinet member for Communication, is striving to solve the issue of Tower Hamlets Council having no social media platforms targeted for the youth. In the contemporary-era of digital communication, not only is it ideal to advertise local youth related news and events, but it is imperative that an active level of engagement is established. Currently, he is devoting his time on strategising a launch for a young mayor team Instagram & YouTube channel. The objective is to revolutionise the council’s marketing methods and create a bridge between local authority and the younger generation.

His two-year term can be deemed a success, should the demographic of young people be better exposed to Tower Hamlets council’s initiatives and opportunities.


Ahmed Duale – Youth Cabinet Member for Environment   

Ahmed, Youth Cabinet Member for Environment, is working on and leading on the planning of “The Young People’s Achievement Awards”. He, the rest of the young mayor team and the youth council are hosting the event on Nov 2019 in Canary Wharf. Undoubtedly, our borough holds a repository of talent, thus the intention of the event is to bring the community together, celebrate and recognise stand-out talent. Other than being occupied with the upcoming award show, the “proud Somali” has sat on Boards such as The Mayors Crime and ASB Board and held meetings with councillors in order to discuss environmental issues affecting young people.


Daawood Islam- Youth Cabinet Member for Social and Economic Growth

Daawood has been working closely with the councillors of the borough to find ways to get more of the youth into apprenticeships and work. At present, Daawood is concentrating on getting more young people into corporate backgrounds, to represent their interests on big Boards that have no youth representation. His vision for this borough is to motivate more of our youth to get off the streets and away from illegal activities, such as knife crime, and into positive areas that will benefit their future.


Nadia Hussein – Youth Cabinet Member for Community

Nadia has spent her term so far sitting on the Mayors crime and ASB board and being a member of the Somali Task Force. Her efforts have entailed the shadowing of Cllr Asma Begum, who is in charge of community safety in the adult cabinet. Consequently, Nadia has gained a greater acumen for community safety.

Nadia intends to push for more community cohesion among the youth and create a strong sense of solidarity with one another, helping to tackle knife crime. She argues “if all young people take a united stance against it we can hopefully reduce how often it occurs”.


Vivian Akinremi – Youth Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing

It is Vivian’s role to promote the interests of youth mental health to the council and the wider community. As Youth Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, Vivian helps the youth of Tower Hamlets to achieve a better perspective on what mental health and wellbeing means to them. So far, she’s shared such views in Cabinet meetings as well as Health and Wellbeing Board Meetings.

For the foreseeable future, she aims to change the way Tower Hamlets tackles mental health issues, and integrate solutions and responses to challenges the youth face in the borough.


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What is the Young Mayor of Tower Hamlets?

The Young Mayor represents young people across the borough and is elected every two years by young people who live, work or study in Tower Hamlets. Over the past few years, the Young Mayor elections have gained enormous momentum in engaging young people with local democracy and the world of politics in Tower Hamlets.

The Young Mayor and his/her deputies attend meetings with local councillors and decision makers. They also represent you at regional and national meetings.

More information about the Young Mayor

The Young Mayor is elected every two years to represent the views of young people across the borough at the highest level. They work closely with the Tower Hamlets Mayor, Chief Executive, Directors and the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other key stakeholders locally and nationally.

In 2019, the Young Mayor will have five deputies, known as Youth Cabinet Members, who will also be elected for two years and who will lead on the following areas: social and economic development, communications, environment, health and wellbeing, and community.

The Young Mayor aims to be the voice of young people in the borough by consulting with them on their issues and concerns, and to create opportunities for them to address these by:

  • Strengthening community relations
  • Influencing local, regional and national decision makers
  • Speaking and encouraging young people to speak in public
  • Uniting young people
  • Running projects, campaigns, workshops and lobbying
  • Working at a local, regional and national level. 

The function of the Young Mayor and Youth Cabinet Members

·     Meet with the Executive Mayor, Chief Executive, directors, lead councillors and other decision-makers in Tower Hamlets to highlight issues impacting on young people.

  • Represent young people locally and nationally.
  • Get involved in the Tower Hamlets Youth Council and other local youth forums
  • Attend events and organise special projects.
  • Influence and steer strategic decisions that affect young people in the borough.

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