Doctors, GPs & hospitals

If you require medical or health advice you should contact your GP surgery. The GP or practice nurse will be able to treat you or refer you to a range of health services, designed to meet your health needs.

You can use the NHS Choices website to search for doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies in your local area. The website includes maps and directions of how to find each service by road or by public transport.

The Single Point of Access co-ordinates referrals from Health Care Professionals for Tower Hamlets house bound adult patients who require the services of the Community Health Teams (nursing & therapies).

This service also takes messages for the Community Health Teams from health care professionals, patients and their family or carers.

​To contact this service, call 0300 033 5000. It is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Help leaving hospital

Following a hospital stay, you may need some additional help to cope at home, or to move into accommodation where help is always available. This might be just until you can find your feet again, or on a permanent basis. 

For more information contact

Call the NHS advice service on 111.