Beware of scammers

We are aware of an online scam going around on social media.

It claims to be able to make your housing application a priority and give you the right to buy after 3 years.

We only ever allocate homes according to our policy. Every application goes through a series of checks to make sure it is valid and correctly prioritised.

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Finding a doctor or dentist: how to change to other surgeries

Changing your GP

When you approach a GP, they will give you a form to complete in order to register at the surgery. Your records will then be transferred from your previous GP.

If the GP you approach refuses to register you, they must tell you why. They can refuse you because you live too far from the surgery or because their list is closed.

They are not allowed to discriminate against you on the grounds of age, medical problems or race, for example. If you are refused, you should call your Primary Care Trust (PCT) for advice.

Changing your dentist

Dentists can decide whom they want to treat. If you are having problems finding a dentist, call your PCT.

Contact your Primary Care Trust

To find the number of your PCT, see the list below:

  • Tower Hamlets – 020 7364 5000
  • Newham – 020 8586 6298
  • Hackney – 020 7683 4645
  • Waltham Forest – 020 8478 5151
  • Redbridge - 020 8478 5151
  • Haringey - 020 8442 6859
  • Enfield - 020 8370 8142
  • Barking & Dagenham – 020 8591 9595
  • Havering – 01708 465 000

See more information about finding a GP or dentist.