Homelessness Statement 2013 - 2017

Tower Hamlets Council has produced a new Homelessness Statement for 20013-17. This was approved by the Cabinet in July 2013 and describes the borough’s approach to tackling homelessness, setting out the direction and priorities for the next five years:

The council and its partners have made considerable progress in improving services and reducing homelessness in the borough. Hundreds of families have been prevented from being homeless, there are fewer people sleeping rough for two consecutive nights and the use of temporary accommodation to house homeless households has reduced.

Despite these successes, we face significant challenges that will affect housing need and our ability to respond to these needs. They include unprecedented changes to welfare support, social housing reform, continued economic uncertainties, and government cuts to services.

In light of these challenges, the council and its partners have produced this new Homelessness Statement. It aims to ensure that local services are best placed to continue to tackle and prevent homelessness by focusing on four key themes:

  • homeless prevention and tackling the causes of homelessness
  • access to affordable housing options
  • children, families and young people and
  • vulnerable adults.

Download a copy of the homelessness statement.