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Overcrowding and Under occupation Statement 2013

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets approved its updated Overcrowding and Under-occupation statement in July 2013. The statement renews the councils dedication and focus to tackling and preventing overcrowding in Tower Hamlets in partnership with its Common Housing Register partners. The Common Housing Register forum is a partnership between the council and 18 Housing Associations that operate within Tower Hamlets.

Rather than develop a new strategy, it was agreed that the 2009/12 strategy would be ‘refreshed’ as a statement with many actions retained, those that are no longer viable removed and new actions identified incorporated. It was further proposed that a set of specific actions relating to reducing under-occupation and making better use of the stock were also incorporated into the action plan.

Overcrowding has always been a focus in housing within the borough. Overcrowding impacts on residents’ health, education, employment opportunity and well being. If we can get the housing supply and housing services right, then we can make a positive impact towards securing a better and brighter future for our residents in all aspects of their lives. The statement brings together, in a structured and co-ordinated manner, the way in which the council will tackle overcrowding.

The statement aims to tackle overcrowding through four areas of action

  • property based actions
  • lettings based actions
  • advice and partnership based actions
  • under occupation based actions.

To find out more about the council’s approach to assisting people who are under occupying their homes and wish to downsize to a smaller property, you can download a copy of the latest overcrowding and under-occupation statement.

You download of the Overcrowding and under-occupation statement 2013.