The Ecology Park

Linked to the Play arena by a canal side path, the Ecology Park showcases a magnificent new lake complex; a wind turbine and an earth sheltered building- the Ecology pavilion. These new features mean that the ecology park is already home to rare orchids, moths and spiders and its trees, grassland and lakes are proving to be a home for water birds and increasing populations of dragon and damsel flies.

Windmill in the Ecology Park

Two remnants of the park’s history as a former neighbourhood of terraced homes still exist in the park - the Palm Tree pub still sits in the centre of the park offering an opportunity for a quiet drink and the elegant homes of residents in Haverfield Road provide a welcome into the park from Grove Road.

The Mile End Park Rangers use the opportunities provided by the park landscape and links to the Regents Canal to study nature. The park buildings and wind turbine also provide opportunities to look at issues of energy conservation and generation.

The Centre will also become a base for a volunteering programme aimed at continuously improving the biodiversity of the park and facilities for users.

An Ecology Forum representing the Friends of Mile End Park, local residents and interest groups meets to consider the parks maintenance and development and its continuous improvement to provide opportunities for education and participation in environmental activities.




When the park was designed sustainability principles such as reducing waste and consumption of resources during the construction process were considered.

Simple things like preserving park features and re-using them where they did not impact upon having a coherent design for users; reducing the amount of material that had to moved and using it on site; thinking about how the energy and water needs of the park could be provided from sustainable sources; thinking about how the design of buildings could reduce heat loss and make maximum use of solar gain.