Club development

Club Development

The sport and physical activity team is here to support sports clubs and delivery partners in this borough in developing their practices, governance and membership. If you think we can help, simply get in touch with a summary of your needs and a member of our team will contact you to follow up.

Monthly Newsletter

We send out a monthly newsletter containing the latest development opportunities for sports clubs and organisations in Tower Hamlets, including funding, support and free resources.

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See our funding page for information about financial support for sports clubs and delivery organisations.

Data protection

Following the GDPR regulations introduced in May 2018, you can read the Sport & Physical Activity Team's privacy statement, setting out how and why the team use personal data.

Running a club

Club Matters

Sport England's Club Matters is the one stop shop for sports clubs. It provides free, convenient, practical resources to help you develop and run a sustainable sports club. Sign up for free for access to a wealth of information and guidance.


London Sport's ClubWorks offers support to sport and physical activity providers across London. Organisations that register will receive support around;

  • Developing coaches and volunteers
  • Attracting new members
  • Accessing funding
  • Planning for the future

Anyone can be a part of the program, whether you’re a traditional club, youth/community centre or an organisation delivering physical activity within the borough. The first step is to register for the ClubWorks newsletter. Once registered you will gain access to all the relevant news, information and updates as well as how you can get involved in the available funding opportunities.


ClubMark is the universally recognised accreditation for sports clubs, recognising awards as safe, rewarding and fulfilling places for participants of all ages, as well as helping parents and carers know that they’re choosing the right club for young people. There may also be greater access to local facilities for clubs that reach ClubMark standard

Contact us at the beginning of the process and we will support clubs through the process of becoming accredited. Visit the ClubMark website to get started.


RunAClub is a cloud-based, easy to use, administration system for people who run community clubs and groups. It has all the essential support you need to set up and manage your own community club or network of clubs – whether it's a sports, youth, health, faith, residents, toddler, music or arts club, for any age and any community.

Templates and resources

For new clubs the downloads below will help you get started:


Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets

For general information, courses, policy details and any other information on volunteering contact visit the Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets website.

Sports volunteering

For advice and guidance on volunteering in specific sports, Sport England give advice and guidance on its  volunteering webpages.