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Representing the Holocaust on Screen

Join us for this participatory film archive workshop exploring the purpose, significance and representation of Holocaust narratives based on a selection of clips from Holocaust themed films, including archival footage.

Reprimands and final warnings

Reprimands and final warnings can only be given to children and young people who have admitted that they have broken the law, at which point they can be offered support from the Tower Hamlets youth offending team

Request it

Need to make a freedom of information request? Wish to request a highway search? You can do all this and more in this section.

Resident's parking permit

This permit allows you to park your vehicle in the controlled parking zone that you live.

Residents' Support Scheme

Tower Hamlets can provide essential crisis support to some of its most vulnerable residents through the new Residents' Support Scheme.

Residents' survey

Each year, the council commissions an independent company to undertake a survey of our residents to understand their views of the council and its services. Take a look at the latest results from this year's survey.

Respite care for adults

Respite care for adults carers look after family members, a partner or friends in need of help because they are ill, frail or have a disability. If you are a carer, you may also be caring for someone who has a mental health issue or a learning disability

Response to recent stabbings

The council and police are working together in response to the recent assaults involving knives.

Retail Marketing Ready (Now closed)

Marketing support for your retail businessRetail Marketing Ready provides practical, hands on support to help Tower Hamlets retailers: Create a solid marketing plan Increase turnover Reach more customers Build on existing skills Develop practical strategies to improve day-to-day operations. This scheme is now closed.

Revenge Evictions: when tenants are evicted for property disrepair complaints

The Deregulation Act 2015 has made revenge evictions illegal if the council agrees that repairs must be carried out by the landlord.
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