Ropemakers PSPO

The council, police and partner agencies received a large volume of complaints regarding serious and persistent anti-social behaviour affecting the Ropemakers area and the Thames Pathway, which was a nuisance and detrimental to the quality of life for residents, businesses and people visiting the area.

A 3 year Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was introduced on 1 March 2018, giving the police and council enforcement officers enforcement powers if conditions in the order are breached.  

The council completed a public consultation period with the public and partner agencies regarding the proposed PSPO and the vast majority of respondents were in favour of the PSPO. 

Following review and stakeholder and public consultation, the council varied and extended the PSPO order which came into force on 1 March 2021. The council then further varied the order (with additional stakeholder and public consultation) to include a small pathway between 40 & 42 Milligan Street which came into effect on 1 May 2021.

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The order aims to restrict anti-social behaviour such as:

  • reckless driving or cycling
  • congregate in a group of more than 2 people between 5pm and 6am if causing or likely to cause nuisance, alarm or distress
  • use vehicles within the park or on the Thames Pathway
  • race vehicles, or cycles or drive recklessly
  • be in possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

Consequences of breaching the PSPO

The order will be enforced by officers from the Metropolitan Police and council officers.

It is an offence to not comply with the restrictions of the PSPO. This may be dealt with by the issue of a fixed penalty notice. Information on how to appeal or challenge it will be on the reverse of the notice.

The police and council may also use their other actions and powers to prevent anti-social behaviour within the PSPO area. This enforcement action could be a warning or extend to legal proceedings in court. The enforcement is dependent on the level or severity of anti-social behaviour and the perpetrators’ previous history of anti-social behaviour.

Area covered by the Ropemakers PSPO

The boundaries for this PSPO are:

  • Northey Street (E14 8BT)
  • Brightlingsea Place (E14 8DA and E14 8DA)
  • Shoulder of Mutton Alley (E14 8BY)
  • Ropemakers Fields (Local authority park and E14 8BX)
  • Narrow Street (from 1 Blyths Wharf E14 8BF to 154
  • Narrow Street, E14 8BP including E14 8BB and E14 8BD)
  • Barleycorn Way (E14 8DE)
  • Three Colt Street south of Narrow Street (E14 8BB and E14 8BD)
  • The Thames Pathway adjacent to Dundee Wharf and to the rear of Dunbar Wharf (E14 8AX)
  • The Thames Pathway and green area to the south of the Limehouse Link emergency access point and maintenance yard, up to Belgrave Court (E14 8RL and E14 8RJ).
  • Milligan Street and the pathway between 40 & 42
  • Milligan Street leading to the Limehouse Link (E14)