Roadworks and closures

Network Management (Streetworks)

The primary functions of the Network Management team is to co-ordinate and monitor the work of statutory undertakers and other parties who work or otherwise impact on the roads Tower Hamlets Council manage.

The utility companies (statutory undertakers) are generally companies that supply water, gas, electricity and telecommunications or control sewerage. There are some less obvious ones like London Underground who may need access to equipment for communications or power.

The utility companies have statutory obligations to meet all reasonable requests from a customer to provide a supply or service. Their performance is monitored by utility regulators.

They keep many of their services under roads and are required to maintain those services. To carry out maintenance and to supply new services the utility companies often need to dig out the roads.

Parties other than statutory undertakers can place and maintain apparatus in the highway with a Streetworks license granted under section 50 of New Roads and Streetworks Act.

Other services provided by Network Management team:

  • Temporary road closures (TTRO)
  • Hoarding and Scaffold licence
  • Portable cabin and other temporary structure licence
  • Crane license
  • Section 50 and 171 licence

For general enquires or Streetworks licence please contact us on

Streetworks - London Permit Scheme (LoPS)

We have been operating the permit scheme which allows the borough to have greater control of all street works carried out by utilities and our own highways team.

This helps us coordinate works better, helping to reduce disruption and congestion caused by repeatedly digging up the road.

Our responsibilities on Streetworks activities

We are responsible for the co-ordination and monitoring of street works carried out by utility companies or other contractors.

Information on planned street works is entered onto the Streetworks register which contains the following information:

  • who is doing the work
  • planned start and end dates
  • location of the works
  • a description of the works
  • monitoring of street works.

Visit the One network website for the latest on works in your area. 

As part of the monitoring process the compliance inspectors check all of the works carried out by utility companies.

The company can be fined if they don't comply. In some cases we can complete the works ourselves and charge the company for the cost of doing it.

To report damaged/dangerous utility work or general network enquiries, the following are useful contact:

  • BT Openreach: 0800 0232023
  • National Grid: 0845 835 1111
  • Thames Water: 0800 316 9800
  • UK Power Networks: 0845 601 4516
  • Virgin Media: 0800 694 1122
  • TfL Bus Operation: 020 8555 5353
  • TfL - Customer Service: 0343 222 1234

Applying for a road closure

The Network Management team controls temporary road traffic restrictions that might affect the streets where we live and work.

Most traffic restrictions are subject to the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Any bodies wishing to carry out any work on roads in the borough require permission to do so.

You can ask for a road to be closed for:

  • works that will take place on or near the carriageway
  • work that may be dangerous to the public
  • filming
  • special events such as street parties or community events.

These are known as Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO). Please note there is a charge related to occupying the public highway.

The lead time to process a planned road closure is nine weeks from the time we receive payment.

This is due to legal requirements of advertising an upcoming Traffic Order. Further details can be found on our application form.

Apply for a road closure


Upcoming road closures

Check the list of scheduled temporary traffic notices

Crane application

A licence is required to place a crane on the public highway or oversail the highway with a crane. Crane operations include using a crane, cherry picker or any type of mobile elevated working platform.

Apply for a crane licence