Roadworks and closures

Road closures are a means of stopping all through traffic. Roads are usually closed by a barrier, with an emergency access gate for emergency service vehicles.

Where there is a road closure, a provision needs to be made for large vehicles to turn round. This is why roads are not generally closed in residential areas. Also road closures inconvenience residents as they make it more difficult for them to get to their homes.

Please note there is a charge related to occupying the public highway and for notices to be published to all statutory partners. All notices are published in advance of the works/road closure taking place; for this reason we need advance warning – please allow sufficient time for your application to be processed (nine weeks after confirmation of payment). Minimum of six weeks this also applies to road closures for events purposes.

Please email applications to or call Streetline on 020 7364 5004.

Ongoing construction and utility works

Temporary traffic restrictions

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – temporary traffic restrictions

The Transportation & Highways team controls temporary road traffic restrictions that might affect the streets where we live and work.

Most traffic restrictions are subject to the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Any bodies wishing to carry out any work on roads in the borough require permission to do so.

The following is a list of scheduled temporary prohibition of traffic notices:

Marsh Wall current and proposed construction and utility works

Marsh Wall/Heron Quay roundabout
Occupancy of highway to facilitate construction work duration in excess of two years.

End date: July 2019

Contact: Peter Barnicoat
Tel: 07891 815 762


Westferry Rd
Fulcrum gas connection for duration of one week with temporary traffic signals.

Start date: End of May 2017

End date: June 2017
Contact: Mick Beter
Tel: 07976 777 060


Marsh Wall CPL site
Footway closure in excess of two years to facilitate development works.

End date: Mid 2019 (subject to review)

Contact: Dean Brooksby
Tel: 020 7093 3637


Marsh Wall Wardian site
Footway closure in excess of two years from March 2017, to facilitate development.

Start date: March 2017

End date: March 2019 (subject to review)

Contact: Mark Mannerson
Tel: 020 3006 2060


Marsh Wall Berkeley Holmes
Development next to South Quay DLR on private land with ongoing construction traffic along Marsh Wall.

End date: 2019 (subject to review)

Contact: Paul O'Sullivan
Tel: 020 7601 7300

Marsh Wall
UKPN defective trench repair, works to be undertaken over 3-4 weekends (subject to LBTH approval) after the London marathon weekend.

Start date: May 2017 (tbc)

End date: June 2017

Contact: Ryan Goodger
Tel: 07975 872 885


Marsh Wall Junction with Manchester Road
NGG high risk essential gas works for five weeks from 27 March 2017.  

End date: completed

Contact: Community Relations Team

Tel: 0800 389 8261
24 hr enquiries: 0800 096 5678


Preston Rd
UKPN supply and connection to facilitate Wood Wharf development. Programme to be confirmed, duration of works 4 to 5 weeks.

Start date: June 2017 (tbc)

End date: July 2017
Contact: Paul Burch
Tel: 07803 150 266

Stopping order

New Roads and Street Work Act 1991
Section 58 Notice of Substantial Work

Tower Hamlets intends to carry out substantial carriageway resurfacing works.
The streets and limit of works in which carriageway resurfacing works will take place are listed in the table below:

Street names Limit of works
Ramsey Street, E2 Full Length
Buxton Street, E1 Between Deal St & Vallance Rd
Coate Street, E2 Full length
Eric Street Between Burdett Rd & Hamlets Way
Shipton Street, E2 Full length
Culloden Street, E14 Full length
West Arbour Street, E1 Full length
Chamber St, E1 Full length
Elwin St, E2 Full length
Emma Street, E2 Full length
Globe Road, E1 Between Roman Rd and Old Ford Rd
Tredegar Rd, E3 Between Coborn Rd and Old Ford Rd
Old Nichol Street, E2 Full length
Bonner Road, E2 Full length

Cobb Street

Full length
Wilmot Street, E2 Full length
Stewart Street, E14 Full length
Sly Street, E1 Full length
Westferry Road, E14 Between Arnham Place and Harbinger Rd
Westferry Road, E14 Between Harbinger Rd and East Ferry Rd
White Church Lane, E1 Full length
Cardigan Road, E3

Full length

Manchester Road Between Plevna St & Marshwall Junction.
Rothbury Road Full Length

The works commenced in July 2014.

Subject to the exemption in the Act and regulations under it, no street works may be executed at any of the above mentioned locations for a period of 36 months from completion of the resurfacing works.

For further information, contact Simon Adigun on 020 7364 6936 or email

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