Roadworks and closures

Road closures are a means of stopping all through traffic. Roads are usually closed by a barrier, with an emergency access gate for emergency service vehicles.

Where there is a road closure, a provision needs to be made for large vehicles to turn round. This is why roads are not generally closed in residential areas. Also road closures inconvenience residents as they make it more difficult for them to get to their homes.

Please note there is a charge related to occupying the public highway and for notices to be published to all statutory partners. All notices are published in advance of the works/road closure taking place; for this reason we need advance warning – please allow sufficient time for your application to be processed (nine weeks after confirmation of payment). Minimum of six weeks this also applies to road closures for events purposes.

Please call Network Management Team, Highways on 020 7364 5000 to have emailed the road closure application form sent to appropriate officer.

Information about requesting a road closure for children's play activities is available on our play streets page.

Ongoing construction and utility works

To report damaged/dangerous work or general network enquiries

  • BT Openreach: 0800 0232023; 07918 168565
  • National Grid: 0845 835 1111
  • Thames Water: 0800 316 9800
  • UK Power Networks: 0845 601 4516
  • Virgin Media: 0800 694 1122
  • LBTH Contact Centre: 020 7364 5000
  • TfL Bus Operation: 020 8555 5353
  • TfL - Customer Service: 0343 222 1234
  • TfL website

You can log onto London Works to search for utility works in the borough.

How to navigate the site

  • First select a date range: you can search from two weeks in the past to three months in the future
  • Enter at least one search option (postcode, street name and/or borough): you can insert the postcode either full (e.g E14 2BG) or partial (E14) including correct spacing in postcodes. Adding a street name and/or borough will narrow your search results.

To perform your search, select one of the following options:

  • Show results as text: this will display road works that match your search criteria as text in a table with sortable columns.
  • Show results on map: this will display road works that match your search criteria on a map. You can use the map controls to move and zoom within the map. Clicking on a symbol on the map will show further details about the particular road works.

Temporary traffic restrictions

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 – temporary traffic restrictions

The Transportation & Highways team controls temporary road traffic restrictions that might affect the streets where we live and work.

Most traffic restrictions are subject to the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984. Any bodies wishing to carry out any work on roads in the borough require permission to do so.

The following is a list of scheduled temporary prohibition of traffic notices:

Stopping Up Order

The following document and plan is controlled by the Highways Development Team under section 247 Stopping Up Order.

New Roads and Street Work Act 1991
Section 58 Notice of Substantial Work

Tower Hamlets intends to carry out substantial carriageway resurfacing works.
The streets and limit of works in which carriageway resurfacing works will take place are listed in the following table:

Resurfacing works
Street names Limit of works
Manchester Road, E14 Between Plevna Street & Marsh Wall
Peary Place, E2 Between Roman Road & Kirkwall Place
Campbell Road, E3 From Devons Road to Railway Bridge
East Ferry Road, E14 Spindrift Avenue & Manchester Road
Joseph Street, E3 Full length
Ettrick Street, E14 B/w Abbott Road & Aberfeldy Street
White Horse Lane, E1 B/w Ben Jonson Road & Shandy Street
Tiller Road, E14 Full length
Hackney Road, E2 Between Cambridge Heath Road and Goldsmiths Row
Morgan Street, E3 Full length
Lichfield Road, E3 Full length
Antill Road, E3 Full length
Athelstane Grove, E3 Full length
Tredegar Square, E3 Tredegar Sq., south & east sections

Coborn Street, E3

Full length
Spindrift Avenue, E14 Full length
Limeharbour, E14 Full length
East Ferry Road, E14 From junction with Limeharbour
Raven Row, E1 B/w Sidney Street and Cavell Street
Leman Street, E1 Between Aldgate Tower and Whitechapel High Street


Subject to the exemption in the Act and regulations under it, no street works may be executed at any of the above mentioned locations for a period of 36 months from completion of the resurfacing works.

For further information, contact customer services on 020 7364 5000.