Wall maintenance

Generally the walls and fences that surround properties and fields are erected to provide security, privacy and to mark boundaries between different landowners. They are maintained by the land owner.

Where there is a risk to public safety the council can take action to ensure the maintenance and repair of walls or fences that are in a state of disrepair.

The highways and transportation service, will maintain and repair walls supporting the structure of a highway. These are called highway retaining walls.

The council maintains the following walls

  • Aldgate City Side (agreement with City of London 2 No subways)
  • Garnet Street
  • Prestons Road subway No 2
  • Prestons Road subway No 3 (not opened to the public)
  • Prestons Road subway No 4
  • Twig Folly
  • Vaughan Way
  • Wapping Lane

Other highways authorities

For walls that do not fall within our remit, you should contact the relevant highways authority.