Highway searches

Highways searches provide specific information within the confines of the Con29 (R) and Con29 (O) relevant to the highways immediately adjoining and or surrounding the property or area of interest.

The full search result includes an Ordinance Survey plan showing the extent of the publicly maintained highways in relation to the search area.

The Combo option allows you to choose any one single question alongside Q2.1 (Highway boundary search) and is supplied with a plan.

For this option, please select “Combo” and use the additional information section to tell us which additional question you want answered for the search.

Highway searches incur a charge which is payable in advance.

Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement email with your unique HS reference. Please use this in all correspondence about your search.

You must upload a site location plan clearly showing the search property or area. We will be unable to expedite your search request without a site location plan. Floor drawings are not acceptable.

The following table give details of the options available and associated fees from Tuesday 11 April 2023. 

CON29 Options
OptionsCon 29 (options)CostPlan 

Full search

Q2, Q3.4, Q3.5, Q3.6



Highway Boundary search





Highway Boundary search+

Q2.1 (additional parcel of land)




Combo Q2.1+1

Q2.1+1 question






Stopping up



Highways agreements


Requesting a highway search

You will need:

  • property address / site to be searched
  • a map showing the search area
  • email address (we will use this to communicate with you regarding your search)
  • a payment card (credit or debit)

Data protection - how we use your information

You will be asked to provide information about yourself to enable us to log and process your request. Your personal information will be collected and used in line with Data Protection legislation to provide you with the service you request.

Information will only be shared with other organisations or departments where it relates to your enquiry to provide the service you request, or if we are under a legal requirement to do so.

Further details about how we use this data and the rights you have around this can be found on our privacy page.

If you have any data protection queries, please contact the Data Protection officer at data.protection@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

Request a highway search



If you experience any difficulties submitting your request, please contact highway.search@towerhamlets.gov.uk or call 020 7364 5000.

What happens next

Once payment is made, you can expect to receive the search results by email within five working days. The current turnaround is 2–5 working days upon receipt of payment. This is subject to change depending on demand.

If you have a query regarding your search, please contact highway.search@towerhamlets.gov.uk quoting the search reference number.

If you require an urgent response, please contact highway.search@towerhamlets.gov.uk will endeavour to meet with your request, however please be advised that this is discretionary and depends on our capacity to offer this service at the time.