Highway Register

What is the Highways Register?

Highway Authorities must create and keep a list of the highways they maintain. This is required by S36 of the Highways Act 1980.  This is commonly referred to as the Highways Register. 

The Highways Register helps with transactional decisions. These include land and property purchases. It also helps with many other decisions. These include those about development, maintenance, licensing, and enforcement.

The register is an interactive tool. It will be updated often to show boundary changes. These result from events like stopping up/diversions orders or adoption of roads.

Lights and highways

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The register does not contain a complete list of privately maintained roads. If no results are returned, the road is more likely to be privately maintained and currently excluded from the register.

Please contact Highway.search@towerhamlets.gov.uk if you have any issues with the form or any questions about the results.

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